• Robert FakeLastName

    vorel will love this. only need to activate it once for the obscure counter type then start doubling :)


    Is this the new aetherworks marvel? It seems really easy to combo this with a scry ability so you can topdeck an ulamog.

    • Random Guy

      IDK, are the 3 brick counters and scry easier to get than 6 energy?

  • Tezzybros


    • MTG fan

      No, this doesn’t seem to be a set with Exile as a major theme. After all, this is a single card that is heavy on exile. Consequence is a one time thing compared to this

  • Tezzybros

    It’s not a exile themed set, but there may be an exile-themed mechanic (hopefully beckoning).

    Mr mayhem, this is early evidence of my vision, MY PROPHECY of a “hunch”. Do you still have doubts?

    • Hedronal

      Yes, I still doubt an exile theme in this block, now that we’ve seen this many mechanics and all that happens with exile in them is some being used to prevent recursion.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I think I love this.

  • Ryū

    Much proliferate, many Riftsweeper, zero drawback. Wow.

    • MrAptronym

      Don’t bother with the riftsweeper. Just play X more good cards for it to hit.

      • Ryū

        Gotta squeeze the value out.

  • That Guy

    I love everything about this card except the counter being a “brick” counter. It makes sense but I still don’t like it.

  • Happy The Cat

    huh… didn’t we just get a four color commander that proliferates every turn? thank the gods that wizards had the foresight to not make this charge counters or you could easly fill this in one turn.
    also… Paradox Engine anyone? seems like being able to cast the top card of your deck for tapping itself would work rather well.

    • TheAweDude

      Brick counters can be proliferated. ANY type of counter can be profilerated.

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah but there are a LOT of things that put charge counters on things. brick counters being a new thing doesn’t really have that possibility.

        • Avery Standley

          They’re gonna add more brick counter cards since you can see the brick counter representation on the Punch card

        • eltratzo

          Actually there aren’t all that much cards that add chargecounters that don’t add brick counters. I counted three doing a quick search on gatherer. there might well be more support for bricks that for charge counters by the time this set is fully spoiled

          • Happy The Cat

            well, the biggest existing thing that charge counters has is that there are more cards with charge counters, which means cards that move any counters has more stuff to work with

    • Kirito and Asuna SAO

      Good eye Happy

  • Kahai


    Sphinx legendary that does fixed cascade stuff would be cool! :D Make it blue so i can throw it in any sphinx commander deck i have… (i have three… i might have a problem)

    I think R&D is getting closer to a working fixed cascade, we had what is essentially fixed cascade in the form of Rashmi.

  • Scud422

    “Brick counter”? A bit on the nose with that name…

  • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

    Atraxa like
    Atraxa need.

    • Hedronal

      That’s not specific to Atraxa, commander in general can use this.

      • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

        And I don’t care? MY Atraxa likes this. MY Atraxa needs this.

  • chad

    They worded this specifically not to combo with paradox engine, such a disappointment!

    • Steeeeeevan

      cast = play.

      701.12. Play

      701.12a To play a land means to put it onto the
      battlefield from the zone it’s in (usually the hand). A player may play a
      land if he or she has priority, it’s the main phase of his or her turn,
      the stack is empty, and he or she hasn’t played a land this turn.
      Playing a land is a special action (see rule 115), so it doesn’t use the
      stack; it simply happens. Putting a land onto the battlefield as the
      result of a spell or ability isn’t the same as playing a land. See rule
      305, “Lands.”
      701.12b To play a card means to play that card as a land or to cast that card as a spell, whichever is appropriate.
      701.12c Some effects instruct a player to “play” with a
      certain aspect of the game changed, such as “Play with the top card of
      your library revealed.” “Play” in this sense means to play the Magic
      701.12d Previously, the action of casting a spell, or casting
      a card as a spell, was referred to on cards as “playing” that spell or
      that card. Cards that were printed with that text have received errata
      in the Oracle card reference so they now refer to “casting” that spell
      or that card.
      701.12e Previously, the action of using an activated ability
      was referred to on cards as “playing” that ability. Cards that were
      printed with that text have received errata in the Oracle card reference
      so they now refer to “activating” that ability.


  • Mark van de Wiel

    Hi I have a question. If you exile the card, but don’t play the card, what happens with it? Does it go back on top of your library, to your graveyard, or is it removed from the game? Thank you

  • Mark van de Wiel

    And another question: can its ability be used as an instant?