• Bobit

    I can’t imagine this not being played.

  • JD Farrell

    So sweet, the dinosaur deck is so real…

    That said, two ways to grant haste… I want a way to enable dino-trample, please!

  • Shagoth

    I am sorry for doubting mah’ dinos.

  • ymmij X

    Am i missing something? Like a manacost

    • Tolle


      • ymmij X

        Yea but why does the card look like that

        • Tolle

          Apparently it is a new media thing, a virtual game of some sort. I know nothing about it but just heard of it

        • Josue Martinez

          Magic Arena. Shitty Hearthstone ripoff.

          • ymmij X

            have you played it?

          • Josue Martinez

            It was revealed today. Not interested in playing digital magic. I played hearthstone and I know I hate that. Digital card games are not for me.

          • ymmij X

            yea i certainly prefer paper as exemplified by my 10 commander decks. that being said it’s not really fair to call it shity because it doesn’t appeal to you.

          • Josue Martinez

            I suppose not. I’ll keep my hate to myself better at the very least.

          • the mad seer

            I don’t know how others feel about digital magic, but I like it. most of the people I know that play magic are too busy. I’ve tried playing at the store but I am not a great player and I usually build homebrews that don’t work well against more experienced players I find at the store.

          • Hedronal

            Having played other digital card games at length, there are better, just as accessible options than Hearthstone.

  • ymmij X

    Well thats a cost reducer, a mana dork and a draw fixer. Dinos are pushed and i love it

  • thelordelric

    at first I was unsure if dinosaurs would be able to support their high mana costs, but with this we’ve seen lots of support, as well as some more low cost dinos.

  • E.

    Am I the only one that feels like dino tribal is just a bit too pushed in this set? Feels like they’re getting a tonne of non-legendary lords and pay offs for having loads of dinos and we’re yet to see many big pays offs for vampire’s life gaining and merfolk’s exploring.

    • ymmij X

      they focused on the new tribes in the large set also we only have one proper lord and it’s awful. they have a lot of good support but to be fair most dinos are over costed. they will be a good deck but only time will tell how they stack up to ramunap’s speed or control’s advantage and suite of removal. i hope dinos turn out competitive but there is always the possibility they are too slow

    • Happy The Cat

      it’s almost like they are pushing a new consept too far just to make it viable like they did with vehicles. *cough*called it*cough*

    • Raimund Keller

      i still think dinosaurs are too slow for standard.

      • NC

        Well that’s what this is for.

      • Shagoth

        Eight days late, you might want to look at this set. I swear, half of the creatures are dinosaurs.

  • Hedronal

    So many cheap things for the dino deck to do before it can cast its dinos, and to let that happen sooner or better.

  • Deadly Berry


  • Moses

    so this turn two i to rishkar turn 3 into a gishath on turn 4. value.