• Djough Smytthe


  • kasigah

    Straight to my Mayael deck with you!

  • Gord

    What?!?! Ridiculous.

  • EddieDeanofIgnorance

    Why hello there, you beautiful 12/12 for 5 green creature. Let me introduce you to my Leatherback Baloth and he can be your wild steed to ride upon into battle. And hone up on your Madcap Skills to give you a better edge in battle.

    I am so hoping they have a “target creature gains menace” spell in this set.

    • Aarhg

      A renowned Outland Colossus riding on a Leatherback Baloth is the equivalent of a grown man riding on a pug. That’s a fun image.

      • EddieDeanofIgnorance

        Nonsense. Renown is a concept about a creature becoming famous and more skilled at what they do. Not growing physically larger. A 12/12 Outland Colossus just has double strike without the double strike for that spear he carries.

        • Aarhg

          Good point there. He could still somehow lose renown though, while keeping the counters on him, but that’ll only happen very, very rarely.
          I’m still thinking about that pug though.

          • EddieDeanofIgnorance

            No, once he becomes renowned nothing can remove that status. Monstrous and Renowned are like how things used to be unblockable and indestructible. Which I find funny since WotC turned Indestructible into a keyword and changed unblockable to “can’t be blocked” to reduce confusion. And then added two terms to do the same thing they wanted to avoid.
            Something /is/ monstrous or /is/ renowned, they don’t /have/ monstrous/renowned. They can’t lose it if they don’t have it. They can lose the abilities that cause them to become monstrous/renowned, but if they become monstrous/renowned before those abilities are removed…

  • Ultramegalord

    I got the evil chuckle going…….

    • Ultramegalord

      If they reprint rancor………………..

      • Taxle

        exactly my thoughts

      • tyke5140

        If they reprint rancor I’ll be scooping more often than usual.

      • EddieDeanofIgnorance

        Forget Rancor. Put a Madcap Skills on this guy. Can’t be blocked, guaranteeing you get the Renown trigger.

  • Kaiser

    Oh my…this is a big BIG Giant XDDD

  • Aaron Seet

    Are you having trouble turning on ferocious and formidable? ANTHONY SULIVAN HERE FOR THE OUTLAND COLOSSUS!

    • Kaiser

      Give me 8

  • SketchyPluto

    …good Lord, please don’t be part of a cycle.

  • Leonardo Duarte


  • Kameenook

    The era of Polukranos has ended, here is a harbinger of new, beefier, green.

    Also, this thing is going to f*** up limited games all around the country. If they’re doing prerelease promos, this kind of beef is what they might include, but I pray to Xenagos they realize they can’t do it.

  • Rigo Reyes

    so thats why all those 1/1 thopters…now all makes sense

  • wwww

    That’s a big beatstick.

  • Zombie

    Being able to turn him into a 12/12 with no further investment seems really solid.

    But, he’s not on the same level as Gaea’s Revenge, so the likelihood of him seeing any Constructed play is very small.

    • Magicalman

      1 v 1 me bro

      • Kaiser

        without T-shirts

  • SpinoJames

    So I heard you liked value

  • Melissa Juice


  • Christopher Correnti

    this plus temur battle rage just asking for overkill.

  • Angrygnome

    Why hello there…

  • Ryū

    I’m definitely liking green right now.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    This guy is not menacing at all.

  • xermaster123

    the moment this guy get’s trample he’s op as hell, rancor him to hell.

  • Nharzhool

    Oh god…he’s in Standard with Surrak Dragonclaw and his trampley hugs.