• Tezzybros

    That art kinda looks like some sort of iron maiden trooper album cover.

    • NobleGhost117

      Now I want an alternate art with Eddie instead

  • Márcio Siqueira

    this card sounds really cool

  • JD Farrell

    Wait so… they become a perfect army that can be dealt with by graveyard hate? They can’t die to damage, can’t be targeted by removal as they’re not actually on the battlefield, exile anything they come in contact with…

    • Aurore

      They can die to damage, and can be blocked by each other. It’s a universal effect. Everyone’s graveyard is affected.

      • Grant Jacobson

        they can’t die to damage, only to undeathtouch

        • Aurore

          Not with nondead creatures, but they can’t be blocked by non-nondead creatures, and noncreature damage isn’t a factor since they are not in a zone that can be dealt damage naturally, so the only possible way TO deal them damage WILL kill them.

          • Grant Jacobson

            anything that kills them will send them to the graveyard only stuff that sends them to exile actually “kills them”

          • eltratzo

            but nothing that kills them can target them. the only thing that can damage them are other dead bodies. and those all have undeathtouch.

      • JD Farrell

        Yeah, I missed that at first. How do they die to damage though? They’re in the graveyard, not the battlefield.

    • Rovkir Hexus

      I’m thinking graveyard reshuffles and graveyard exiles, like Day’s Undoing and Tormod’s Crypt.

  • Happy The Cat

    Undeathtouch is a really cool keyword, if not for only appearing on this card. notable part however, the reminder text says exile the to-be-damaged creature instead, meaning your combat damage is replaced. That’ll severely hamper Lifelink and makes Trample useless.

    • Kameenook

      Trample would have a unique interaction, as you would assign the damage before it’s dealt. in the case of deathtouch and trample you assign one and the rest tramples over, you may or may not be allowed to do a similar thing with undeathtouch of assigning one and allowing the rest to trample over.

      • Happy The Cat

        unlike deathtouch this states you exile a creature instead of dealing damage.

  • Matt Dijker

    When I read the keyword “Undeadtouch” I thought they would go back to the battlefield.

  • Vandi

    Wow this is the coolest card ever

  • MrAptronym

    This is one of the coolest cards I have ever seen. Huge props to the design on this one.

    • Vando

      ya i wish something like this would be printed in a legal format

  • Rovkir Hexus

    something something sacrifice