• Desthian

    Is this… the power of God?

  • ColorCaptain

    Humility plus Pithing Needle on everything? Neat!

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      Well, not Pithing Needle. Planeswalkers that aren’t Gideon

      • DJ Pad

        Gideon isn’t affected that much by this.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Okay, so he still goes back to being just a planeswalker after? Wasn’t sure.

          • DJ Pad


  • MithosFall

    One word. Commander.

  • Matthew Douglas

    Hey Bob, nice red commander deck. Why don’t you just sit there and watch the rest of this play this out.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This is exactly why I feel like a mono white Magic villain would absolutely work. The philosophy behind this is TERRIFYING.

    • Soren Szilver

      Nahiri Is arguably a vilian. But I get what you are saying. Magic needs a character that embodies this side of white.

      • Tolle

        She’s also red white.

        • Curundil

          Nahiri, the Harbinger, is.
          Nahiri, the Lithomancer, is not.
          It’s like saying Nissa isn’t a green hero because she’s Blue-Green.

          • Marcelo Ortega Coimbra Martins

            Nahiri the Lithomancer was not a villain. When she went nuts and started destroying everything she became part red.

          • Soren Szilver

            I would still argue that nahiri a son a character I should best represented by white and is a villain. She is white in some sense th at ajani white even though most of his cards have an additional color. GARruk is green even though he ah so 2 cards that are part black. SORIn is black even if the majority of his cards are part white. What I a man getting at is while her card is part red once, she is historically associated with the color white and kinda still remains thought of as a white planeswalker primarily. If she shows up again, white WILL be the color of her card, and red might not be, depending on circumstance.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            She is green, but not monogreen. Just like Nahiri isn’t monowhite.

    • Davey Desjarlais

      Elesh Norn anyone?

    • TogetherAlone

      Heliod is also not exactly a good guy. There are plenty of White baddies.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I mean a white planeswalker threat.

        • TogetherAlone

          Yeah i guess its just Nahiri at the moment for that. I mean she did try to destroy an entire plane that puts her in my bad books.

          • Tolle

            She’s also red white

          • Derek Niles

            not at first she wasn’t

          • Tolle

            She was one she was trying to destroy innistrad.

          • Derek Niles

            She was mono-white at first, and not a bad guy

          • Tolle

            But while trying to destroy innistrad, which was said at the beginning of this chain. That Nahiri tried to destroy innistrad. But at that time she was no longer mono-white.

          • DJ Pad

            To be fair, she had a pretty legit reason to be angry.

          • TogetherAlone

            I don’t think that justifies destroying a plane full of innocents lol. We understand why she did it, but it doesn’t make it right.

    • Gregory Walter

      This card is just so EVIL! >x’3

    • TogetherAlone

      Also, honestly what would be way more rare is a W/U, or W/G villain which I hope we get soon.

    • Deadly Berry

      Reminds me of religion *oops*

  • Jude

    That 8 cmc kills this thing everywhere but commander…but you bet this things gonna be played in marchesa, daxos orzhov, narset, few other white prison or pillowfort decks. Its a bomb aura, hard to find these days. Being able to just shut off an opponents threats is always awesome

    • Derek Niles

      Could try it in an Enduring Ideals modern deck

  • Gregory Matthew Pearson

    Elesh Norn Commander….

    • Tolle


  • Calvin

    Seriously why do almost all mythics have to be high CMC?

    • Jazzyboy1

      Umm, there were 7 mythics at 3cmc just in Amonkhet, and there are 111 nonland mythics at 3cmc or less in Modern. Not really seeing the problem tbh.

      • Jaime Hubster

        Some people just wanna suck the joy out of everything.

  • Grant Jacobson

    what a splendid curse…badum tsh!



  • Mike Thomas

    So I need, like, 8 of these.

  • Hedronal

    So Gideon has no abilities after he makes himself a creature, until that wears off and gets them back I guess. Otherwise Humility would have something in the rulings on it, I assume.

    • Snievan

      The player cannot activate Gideon.

      • Snievan

        Never mind also shows loyalty abilities in that last line. I need to learn how to read.

      • Emiliano Valori

        Mana and loyalty abilities can be activated. So Gideon would become a vanilla 1/1.

        • Hedronal

          With timestamp order, his ability would happen after this card, which I think makes him a vanilla 5/5.

          • DJ Pad

            Correct, Ally of Zendikar would be a 5/5, same with man-lands (since their text specifies a P/T). Vehicles on the other hand are 1/1s with no abilities when crewed.

  • Happy The Cat

    anyone think this might actually see fringe eternal play? just look at what it can do to Show and Tell, that has to be worth something right?

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Might see some Enduring Ideal deck showing up again in modern. ;D

      • DJ Pad

        Haha, that’s I good point, I forgot about that card.

    • Joe Mitchell

      That deck already has Omniscience, Griselbrand, and Emrakul. I don’t think that this will make it in there.

      • DJ Pad

        I think he’s saying it’s a counter to show and tell decks (like humility), not that show and tell decks will use it.

        I don’t really see it being better than humility in that case, and you can actually cast humility sometimes too. I don’t really see it for Legacy, though there may be some fun mono-white control deck with rectors/replenish/moat etc. that get this into play.

      • Happy The Cat

        no no, I mean as a sideboard counter to the deck, so when they show and tell out Griselbrand or whatever this turns him into a 1/1 that does nothing. it cant stop Omniscience but it does a good job stopping creatures.

  • jaya

    Looks disgusting like humility, enchantment decks will love it, every1 else will ask wizards “Why?”.

  • Salted

    If there ever was a god up there, it’s dead

    • Curundil

      If there ever was a god up there, it’s Bolas

  • Zeph

    This is absolutely disgusting. I need it.

  • Jalais

    Overwhelming Splendor, for that one guy in your commander game you reeeeeally hate.

  • Shagoth

    This won’t get banned in commander, but I want it to be…
    It’s basically a Pacifism for a player. This is evil.

  • Aaron Hooker

    legacy omniscience/show and tell. Lol fml all day long!

  • Blahblahblahbla

    The dream: get Overwhelming Splendor, Solemnity and Decree of Silence out against a single opponent. My god… Legacy Enduring Ideal..

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Its cousin, Underwhelming Splendor, was not as well received.

  • Diego

    Token decks: “Whatever…”

  • Kahai


  • potatogod442

    What a card

  • DirtyHoboLord

    Curse of Misfortunes, This, Curse of Death’s Hold, Curse of Exhaustion. Mmmmmmmm

  • Finally, the push Enduring Ideal needed

  • MrAptronym

    Great, can’t wait to see this in EDH with my mono red deck.

  • Zombie

    Humility got fat

  • Bostorket

    Leave it to Nicky B to humble anyone but himself.