• Bruiser Moore

    Praise the lord (of the Pit)!

  • 葛雷斯

    This is really a beacon, in this dark sea.

  • ShannoSauro


  • Derek Niles

    I’m happy they didn’t make this mythic because its something they would have done easily

    • AHunter

      uh..no? it has been reprinted in many masters sets,but always as a rare
      And it’s worth more than some mythic,atleast more than what you paid for a pack.

      • Derek Niles

        I’m saying that wizards has a habit of reprinting rares played in modern as mythics in masters set and I’m happy it didn’t happen here. Regardless of them reprinting it in the past and I didn’t say anything about price?

      • AustinSmith

        DiD sOmEoNe SaY cHaLiCe Of ThE vOiD