• Serj

    Godly art

  • KrakenHunter

    Should’ve cost 2.

    • Polis_Ohio

      Maybe that was WotC’s painful lesson.

    • Jalais

      They would have had to bump it to uncommon then. Live Fast was fine for draft, and this has the occasional upside of doming your opponent. Good flavour though.

  • Polis_Ohio

    Oh a shitty Night’s Whisper/Sign in Blood. Can target opponents for 2 damage but ok?

    • Absinthman

      Not exactly. You can target your opponent with this and kill them with life loss.

      • DarthinvaderIX

        also prevents hazoret attacking/blocking

        • Together Alone

          yeah by giving them fuel :P

          • Happy The Cat

            look, sometimes stopping a 5/4 from beating your face in is worth giving them two cards.

          • Shagoth

            Odd situation to come up since most doubt that Hazoret will see that much play.

      • Polis_Ohio

        You must have replied while I was editing my comment. Statement still stands; its a very pocket case that you would want to ding your opponent for 2 damage. Thus a shitty Night’s Whisper. Extra mana for the ability to target my opponent… eh.

  • Cthulhooo

    The painful lesson is you don’t play shitty night’s whisper in standard and you learn it by putting this card into your deck.

    • Gord

      Night’s Whisper is a really powerful card. I’m not sure it needs to be that good to see play (standard only – this is not going to be any good anywhere else). I’m not saying that it will see play, just that this MIGHT be just good enough.

  • NC

    What, no Read the Bones?

  • Happy The Cat

    probably would have been instant if the mythic legend cycle didn’t care about hand size.
    draw two lose two is always a passable pack filler, and getting stuck with one doesn’t hurt.

  • Nanya

    Strictly worse Sign in Blood/Night’s Whisper/Read the Bones

    • oaomcg

      it’s worse than all of those but it’s not “Strictly worse” than any of those

      • Nanya

        They’re better options, so it’s strictly worse than any of them.

        Honestly, it’s about on par with Skeletal Scrying for the same mana cost.

        • Hedronal

          More splashable than Sign in Blood, can finish an opponent (corner case but happens) unlike Night’s Whisper or Reat the Bones. Strictly better is Only when it’s always better. This can do something those others can’t, so their relationship isn’t strictly anything.

  • Nanya

    In a more limited format this might be good, like for draft

  • oaomcg

    worse sign in blood…

  • MrShinyAbra

    so a worse Night’s Whispe