• MTG fan


  • E.

    Wut? So now shefret monitor can search for a manafixing land as well?

    • E.

      Also known as unknown shores, desert edition

      • ShammySham

        Also known as Shimmering Grotto, Less Grotto edition.

  • Insight66

    If I paint a tree blue does the forest add blue mana?

  • Kahai

    So many foiled lands i will be buying!

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    This is literally the unknown shores of Amonkhet.

  • Michael Pepin

    I guess the shores of this desert are unknown

    • Thomas Luffman

      Nah. It does look like it’s shimmering though.


        they may have a grotto in those

  • Robert FakeLastName

    another shimmering grotto/unknown shore?

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      I think it’s just a way to continue doing flavorful budget mana fixing.

    • Kahai

      Includes Desert subtype. :D


        I think it makes sense for Wizards to make each Block a own subtype for reprinting standards or bring back standards

        • Kahai

          Nah, subtypes on lands should be uncommon. Unless there’s a major flavor significance to adding new subtypes, like deserts and wastes, it shouldn’t happen very often. Locus were added in Mirrodin , and Gate was added in RtR.

  • CMK

    They are killing it with this art..

  • Thomas Luffman

    We get a strictly better Henge of Ramos now? The power creep is real guys.

    • Jeffrey Zom

      Look up “shimmering grotto”


      Range of Ramos was crapped when printed –
      – a functional reprint of “School of the unseen”
      nobody want a land who transform 2 for 1 in colored mana
      On our private Playgroup we fix the creep with a errata
      (guess everbody should do so)
      – keep cards like the School for Flavor on its name and not a Shimmering Proxy ;)

      Could fix it on a Landcycle like those “reval-“lands

      when comes into play reval a nonbasic land or sac
      T: (C)
      (C/2),T: (C)

      so its basicly a normal manasource with a bonus

  • I’m waiting for the “if you control 5 different deserts, do (cool thing)” card.