• Jalais

    Well that’s highly disappointing. Combos with Fretwork Colony or Blood Fast I guess?

    • Polis_Ohio

      I think it is designed to be played with Adanto’s Vanguard. Oh and also the pain deserts that are in standard atm.

      • Jalais

        That . . . is not a good deal.

        • Polis_Ohio

          It’s not great but it’s ok. It can keep up with longtusk cub in a lifegain shell, but it’s strictly worse than cub as it relies on other cards to grow.

          • Random Guy

            Not “strictly worse” at all, it doesn’t require you to be unblocked in order for it to trigger without other cards, and it doesn’t require you to spend something in order to trigger it with other cards. Generally worse, yeah, but it’s playable if the right deck exists.

          • Polis_Ohio

            Yes strictly worse. Longtusk cub’s mechanics are built into itself. This is not.

          • Random Guy

            It’s literally and objectively not strictly worse.

            It’s also generally better if you are defending rather than attacking, but that is rare.

          • Polis_Ohio

            How is it not worse? I don’t see it. It’s P/T is worse, it’s abilities require other cards except for negligible life gain, which is the only upside. I can see an argument for a relevant creature type, but in standard, at least, vampires has yet to make a strong stand. If it does in Rivals, there are at least two better 2-drops for that deck.

          • Random Guy

            Because of “strictly”. Strictly means Lightning Bolt vs Shock. Black Lotus is not strictly better than Llanowar Elves.

          • Polis_Ohio

            Actually, according to Gamepedia, strictly is comparing like cards that do similar things, these two do similar things (2 drops, creatures, similar T/P, add +1/+1 counters) but may be out of the realm of “strictly” due to different colors, the lifegain and creature types.

            It’s still objectively worse.

          • Hedronal

            Objectively worse yes, but strictly worse is a strictly defined term that doesn’t fit.

          • Polis_Ohio

            Ok my bad. I was misusing “strictly worse”.

  • Ultramegalord

    The uncommon deserts

  • DJ Pad

    A creature that rewards you too slowly when you’re losing the game and is awful when you’re ahead on board. At least it triggers on each players’ upkeep, but still.

    • eltratzo

      the effect might be easily triggerable in some commander builds but for that I think the payoff has way to little impact. big dudes without keywords are not exactly scary in that format.

    • Alex

      I think Licia, Sanguine Tribune commander decks will make good use of this.

  • Happy The Cat

    great interaction with Phyrexian Arena here, Greed works as well.

    • Jay Kilian

      Bitterblossom, too.

  • galen150

    i really like the idea of this card. dunno if its good, but i like it

  • Hedronal

    So vamps have a self-sacrifice thing going on? Tricky to work with given it means getting rid of your own good things, though does provide upside if it dies anyway.

  • E.

    The “each” upkeep aspect of this makes it interesting especially in commander if you’re playing a life gain/pain deck. You’re always gonna need some low drops after all.