• Happy The Cat

    this I can agree with, it having a $25 foil needs to come down a bit, but both this and bonfire should not be mythics. as is there is no value in red mythics meaning if red is anything more than a support color, your deck might just be bad. kiki, one of the good chandras, Magus of the Moon? red has good high dollar cards, yet we are stuck with these while other colors get snapcaster, sphinx’s rev, and just better cards.

    • potatogod442

      Blood moon?

      • Happy The Cat

        I was going to say blood moon as well, but it just ruins games, this set is mainly for limited and reprinting high costed cards, so having a card like Blood moon would mean that you need specific, and honestly, rather weak and boring cards just to balance out a four mana enchantment.
        the list I made is more of strong, splashy cards that, while hurt badly if not dealt with, don’t just end the game if you dont counter them.

    • sansmyhands

      Just because the cards aren’t worth much doesn’t mean that red is only a support color. Comet Storm was the “feel bad” mythic in MM15, but the one you want to p1p1 the most in a draft (from a purely competitive standpoint), and while Past in Flames isn’t necessarily a snap pick, Bonfire of the Damned certainly is. If I’m phantom drafting this I would much rather open either of the red mythics than anything else spoiled so far (unless there ends up being a glut of mana dorks, then it’s Craterhoof).

      • Happy The Cat

        know what card gets picked over C storm? bolt. this is a set with craterhoof, LotVeil, snapcaster, and a bunch of just high powered cards. if this OR bonfire took a mythic slot I wouldn’t mind but both of them being in the mythic slot is just bad design. Sure when you open this pack one you might take one of them if you didn’t good uncommons but pack two or three unless you are in the instants and sorceries business these are just bad cards. nine times out of ten I’d probably just take burning-tree shaman over them just cause it is a good tempo play.

        • sansmyhands

          Why would you ever take bolt over Comet Storm? Bolt is a decent card in limited, while Comet Storm can blow a game wide open. And while Past in Flames is definitely a build-around, if you’re in red there is almost no reason to ever pass Bonfire. And from the looks of the burn so far in this set, Past could definitely be a powerhouse.

    • Shagoth

      Magus of the Moon, Kikki, Koth, Pyromaster, Through the Breach, and Blood Moon are all good mythic options.

    • Giby86 .

      I feel Wizards lost track of what a “mythic” should or should not be. The mythic rarity doesn’t really care about the competitive impact of a card, it cares about splashiness and complexity. This gives everything flashback which is both splashy and complex. Bonfire deals an absurd amount of damage out of nowhere, which feels epic when you do it. These cards are the epitome of the mythic rarity. Snapcaster is just a strong card, neither complex nor splashy.

  • DJPad

    Art on the old version is so much better

    • HighPriest

      Not a very decent image of this online yet, but I think I have to disagree, this looks very good to me too. Does not have Olivia but you can’t have everything and it’s a bit more “generic” image I suppose.