Path of Bravery - M14 Spoiler

Path of Bravery

  • Color: White
  • Type: Enchantment
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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As long as your life total is greater than or equal to your starting life total, creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever one or more creatures you control attack, you gain life equal to the number of attacking creatures.

  • Zombie

    Well damn, now I HAVE to play Junk Tokens again. Why does this always happen every friggin’ season.

    • Joshua McTiernan

      What is it about it that makes u wanna play that deck?

      • Zombie

        Junk Tokens has quite a few ways of gaining life. In my original iteration of the build I ran Vault of the Archangel. Sorin’s tokens have Lifelink, Blood Artists gain me life for everything that dies, etc.

        With Path of Bravery, not only are all of my tokens bigger, but they gain me life every time they attack, on top of any life gain the deck already has.

        It seems really dumb.

        • Joshua McTiernan

          Ur right that does seem dumb :/

          • Zombie

            Not to mention I’ll be playing a playset of Archangel of Thune in the newer build as well. Every time I attack, by creatures get bigger and gain me life. Throw that in with Vault of the Archangel, and every time my tokens attack and deal damage, they heal me for each one attacking, get bigger, then heal me for however much damage they do, get even bigger, and kill anything they deal damage to because lololoVault of the Archangel.

  • Hersan Vargas Rojas

    Path of Bravery + tragtusk

  • MtgCounterBalance

    Reminds me of HELLRIDER! (or is it me?)

    • Joshua McTiernan

      I see it like the life gainy version of Hellrider

  • MtgCounterBalance

    Really flavorfull btw

  • MtgCounterBalance

    It reminds me of hellrider or is it me?

    • Kevan Kramer

      It is the white version of Hellrider.

      • CodyGozRawr

        Combine them with Aurelia, and bam I smell my new deck!

  • LeonFA

    Staying in the “green” on life is pretty easy in standard right now if you really want to stay there. This is definitely a card you can brew a deck around if you really want too. Whether or not it will be top tier will be seen. I think it can be pushed that far by a skill player though.

  • Kenzie LaMar

    Looks like a really fun card.

  • Zander1314

    This and assemble the legion for the win

  • CodyGozRawr

    Aurelias new friend

  • Jay

    A flavorful Glorious Anthem + a reversed Orim’s Prayer rolled into one neat little package. 1 is definitely going into my Ghave EDH~