• Fred Weasley

    Hello there Pathy. Nice to see you again.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    Glad they put this back in this set. I don’t really care if the price goes down, it’s still a really good card to have in any format.

  • Happy The Cat

    anyone think this could have used new art? not that this is bad or anything but both of what path has are kind of meh and dont really feel very “path”-ey to me.

    • Kahai

      I would have much preferred the dual deck art, one: It’s never seen foil printing, something i heavily advocate anything Wizards ask me what i wold like to have as a product (that is bringing art that’s never seen foil printing to foil printed sets), and two: it has Venser in it (which would have been great to see along side legendary Venser). :3

      • Jackson Means


  • Zombie

    Considering this is effectively White’s Lightning Bolt of the Modern format (as in pretty much every White/X decks plays Path, even if it’s just in the sideboard like Burn), I would have been greatly surprised if it wasn’t included again in this Masters series.

    Keeping the prices stable and low(ish) of format staples should be a prime goal of MM sets.