• Erik López Barcelar

    Surprisingly playable for a WR card

  • Jalais

    This is just so weird.

  • Kahai


    So many cards in this set are telling a story via mechnics, not just art or flavor text.

    Those to attempt the trial must be of a specific skillset or die trying. :D

    • Nono

      I agree, great flavor on this and many cards in this set. This is like what I wanted from the return to Zendikar, it feels like a cooler version than the original Zendikar even, which I missed out on.

      • Kahai

        Yeah, this is for sure Adventureland 2.0! :D

    • Hedronal

      This is a true power of DFCs. That much room for text, with a condition to get to the other half, lends extremely well to both quests and stories.

  • Dan Langevin

    Proc dat Enrage…

    • Random Guy

      If you do that then you won’t have two creatures with those keywords, so it is probably subpar compared to other 2 mana cards that proc enrage and do stuff.