• jochen hendrickx

    how is something with that ability a peacekeeper? Asides from that; neat but probably nothing beyond limited.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      Well, if the drivers are inciting violence then this takes the vehicle away from the driver(story wise not mechanically). I do also think that this may see constructed play depending on the level that vehicles are available. The interesting thing is that this allows more vehicles than would normally allowed in a deck. Also alot of the down sides to certain vehicles is the crew cost. This could definitely make some waves.

    • Victor Yi

      The flavor text says ‘peacekeeper? The only goal it achieves is to strike fear!’ – Saheeli Rai

      • NC

        Well you have to start somewhere.

    • Zombie

      Because it’s a tool of the Consulate.

      So ‘Peacekeeper’ is more controlling via fear for them.

    • Shagoth

      It could be a mistranslation. Like the Demon of Shady Schemes was. Could be something like Law Enforcer Colossus.

  • Gżeś Wrona

    Maybe not . We will see some more vehicles. That card might have been good.

  • Guy

    Is it just me or is having 2 of these by turn 3/4 on the battle field insane?

  • Evil Tactics

    Well… looks like mechs are now an actual thing in MTG.

    • Zombie

      Wizards needs to stop finding more and more sharks to jump.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Okay, someone needs to make a Fallout mech alternate art of this

  • mtggatherd

    Is there an instant . Sorcery spell that crews?

    • Zombie

      Start Your Engines animates all of your vehicles for the turn, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Four more and we got a Megazord.

  • Zombie

    Because making Skysovereign and Looter Scooter easier to crew is 100% what Standard needed.

    Worst case scenario, this auto-Crews a vehicle for 5 mana in a one-turn investment. Slightly less worse scenario, you can use this for 1W to crew another smaller vehicle then turn around and crew this with that vehicle.

    And being able to pay 1W to Crew is just nuts by itself.

    Also two of them can just animate each other.

    Can’t imagine this won’t see Standard play in some vehicle variant. Even as a 1/2-of, it’s still bonkers.

    • Shagoth

      What about making Demolition Stomper a thing? Props’ won’t happen, but man oh man if it does, there will be even more fatties earlier in the game.

      • Zombie

        The problem with Demolition Stomper is its CMC, not really that it’s too weak.

        Activating it for cheap with Peacekeeper Colossus is fine and all, but you have to actually play it first.

        This seems better at abusing the cheaper CMC vehicles that have a less pushed Crew cost, with the curve capping at, say, Skysovereign.

        • Shagoth

          The recently spoiled Consulate Dreadnought costs one and when you crew it, it becomes a 7/11.

          • Zombie

            Without evasion it likely won’t get too crazy.

            I could see R/W Vehicles adapting to use it and Peacekeeper Colossus with like, Built to Smash to swing in for 10 with Trample on turn 4.

  • Shagoth

    We have robots, but we haven’t seen normal looking guns since Portal.

    I want a goofy old west set all of a sudden. I’m sure we’ll never get that, though.

  • Snievan


  • Happy The Cat

    so a three mana 6/6 with 1w: this becomes a creature until end of turn, activate this ability only if you control a vehicle with power four or greater.
    this just might be overpowered enough to see modern. which says a lot for a three drop wiith no evasion besides not being a creature unless you pay for it to be.

    • Shagoth

      Tapping a four mana creature might not be worth it. But the ability could make vehicles viable in modern. Like, a worse version of affinity but I could see it.

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      That’s not what it translated into….

      • Happy The Cat

        you are right, it’s actually much better considering instead of just animating Vehicles to crew this you can instead just animate stuff like your 7/11 dreadnought or any of the high crew Vehicles and attack with those.
        thanks for pointing out that this is even stronger than I was giving it credit for.

        • Bastion8889

          Let’s not forget that two of these on the board is 2ww swing 12

          • Happy The Cat

            Also don’t forget what untap effects do with this, as long as your go cart has four or more power this can animate it, have it pilot this, then untap your go cart to swing with two ( probably huge) creatures

  • Shagoth
    • Zombie

      Tell a servo to jump in front of it and you’re fine

      • Happy The Cat

        until you run out of servos.
        plus 1w target opponent destroys a creature they control seems pretty nice.

        • Random Guy

          It is, but it’s countered by deathtouch and the cards are mediocre without combo. 4 mana setup is not insignificant.

          • Happy The Cat

            all right… what are you trading for my one drop? cause there is only one one mana creature with deathtouch in standard, and seeing as I’m playing white (and probably red) chances are i can deal with that one creature anything else and my one drop just gained free value. considering that every other deathtouch card is unplayable in standard or costs at least two mana and is rare or better you trading for my one drop actually feels great.
            plus i can do this weird thing called not attacking. seeing as I can either just have my 7/11 pick off one of your guys when you attack or you actually dont have a board so I can play a second creature to beat you to death with until you decide to trade.

      • Bostorket
      • Centurion13

        What about that fellow in Green, the Ghirapur Guide? The payoff may be delayed but the deathtouch blockers are mostly 2/2 and less.

    • Florian Landovsky

      I think, it is okay, to be scared… This monster gets a chance to attack on latest turn 4! Thats crazy.

  • Wprundv

    Metal Gear?!

  • Kaz… I’m already a vehicle

  • Random Guy

    It’s competing with Cultivator’s Caravan, idk if it will win. But it’s great in dreadnought decks of course.