Pharika, God of Affliction - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Pharika, God of Affliction

  • Color: Black, Green
  • Type: Legendary Enchantment Creature - God
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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As long as your devotion to black and green is less than seven, Pharika isn’t a creature.

Red ManaGreen Mana: Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Its owner puts a 1/1 black and green Snake enchantment creature token with deathtouch onto the battlefield.

Pharika, God of Affliction Art

  • welan

    I am hoping that she allow you to play a forest or a swamp from your graveyard at the beginning of the upkeep. Not tap.

    • GRUULman

      That really has nothing much to do with affliction though.

  • PoodleMaster

    Anyone notice the set number is 3/5, in addition to the fact the type line is missing “God”? This is one of the most obvious fakes ever!

    • Zombie

      The cards are just placeholders/mock- ups. The art is legitimate Wizards art for each of the cards.

      Wizards has already released the art for each of the gods, and they’re exactly the same as the ones used in these “fakes”.

  • Anthony Bartolomey

    Mock- 6/5 trample. Blah blah 7 devotion is a creature. Whenever you play a land you gain one life. Whenever your opponent plays a land they lose one life.

  • Lemmywinks

    I’d imagine it’ll be along the lines of “when you play a creature, all of target opponent’s creatures get -x/-x (where x is 1 or 2) until end of turn. If a creature is killed in this manner, put a x/x black and green zombie token into play under your control.” Something like that. With it being Journey to Nyx, I expect there to be all sorts of graveyard manipulation. That’s what I hope, anyway.

  • xermaster123

    I think it would be cool if she had: “At the beginning of your upkeep (not may) put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

  • kmk888

    The way they have described her throughout all of the flavor articles STRONGLY suggests regenerate and/or deathtouch. Also everyone should be aware that with these placeholders the cmc may not actually be 4.

  • Dr. Storm Crow

    I hope it allows creatures to deal damage in the form of poison counters. Or questions. “Would you like seven damage?” “Is there anything you can do to stop me?” “Who’s a little baby?”

  • welan

    I doubt it but I hope something similar to crisable of world. Less ab usable however it s probably it s going to be something opposite to the red green god however.Before declaring the blocker choose a creature and give it death touch and regenerate it if it was destroy at the end of the attack. Not my favorite but some will love it.

  • Cicsero

    Mock: 4/7 Indestructible As long as your devotion to black and green is less than seven, Pharika isn’t a creature. When a land or enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, target creature and opponent controls gets -2/-2 until end of turn. At the beginning of your upkeep you may return a land or enchantment from your graveyard to your hand.

  • dieseda

    Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control target opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life. At the beginning of your upkeep you may return target forest or swamp card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

  • picklejam

    My take is that on your upkeep, add 2/2 to a target creature. If creature is not green or black, add -2/2. This would go along with the fact that she can strengthen and weaken out of the same potion.

  • leeoftheswift

    enchantment creature you say? That just makes this card more awesome
    i.e constellation

    • TheLangler

      Good god, now that’s a thought… maybe the one that draws you cards each time? Youch

      • I was thinking more like the one that gives your opponents creatures -1/-1.

        • TheLangler

          Or that!

  • Mike Thomas

    Well, it’s a little underwhelming, to say the least. A reanimation-coloured god that deters reanimation. And makes excellent blockers. But because you have to pay for the affect, it makes it very weak in my opinion. Although I still wouldn’t want to see one in limited. That would start a massacre quick.

    • Mike Thomas

      Wait, I just realized that it’s owner gets a deathtouch token. Nevermind. Much worse now.

    • Jordan

      Pharika is not reanimation… Shes medicine and poison. Ever seen the symbol for medicine? It involves a snake coiled around a staff? She does what she should do and basically makes life out of a graveyard and makes death by giving it death touch

  • Zombie

    God this awful. Worst God in the block without a doubt.

    Literally only playable in a Constellation deck. And that’s pure casual.

    • koshades

      yeah i gotta agree, i mean there might MIGHT be a kitchen table deck with GB with like grisly salvage and that other GB self mill but nothing huge there…

      • How can you say that at best, there MIGHT be kitchen table decks playing this, when all the cards haven’t even been spoiled yet? There might be some really good interaction with the tokens she puts out or something.

    • I agree that she’s the worst out of the gods in this set, but maybe there will be some good common/uncommons that will combo with her? And it’s not completely unplayable, you can exile a useless card in your graveyard to get a deathtouch blocker at instant speed. She’s not great, but she’s not THAT bad IMO. Plus if you have enough devotion, she’s a 3 drop 5/5.

      • Zombie

        Just because she’s a 3 drop doesn’t mean she’s as fast of a 5/5 as Thassa.

        Not to mention, because of her colors, exiling creatures means you have no option to reanimate them, Scavenging Ooze will have less targets, etc… She’s a complete nonbo with her colors.

        And what do you get in return for screwing with her color’s best gameplans in Standard? Measly little 1/1’s that have Deathtouch.

        You know what has Deathtouch that’s cheaper than Pharika and doesn’t ruin your Graveyard to pump out worthless creatures in return? Wasteland Viper. Wasteland Viper is infintely more playable. Wasteland Viper turns Polukranos into a Deathtouch machine gun.

        What does Pharika do? Eats creatures in graveyards for 1/1’s.

        • I never said she was amazing, i’m only saying that she isn’t COMPLETELY unplayable, and maybe there will be some cards that will combo with her.

          • Zombie

            There ARE, I already said that.

            The problem is the cards she combos with aren’t anywhere near competitive/FNM playable.

          • You’re telling me that an all Enchantment aggro deck couldn’t be competitive at all? Start off with some Gnarled Scarhides, then some Herald of Torment’s, drop an Eidolon of Blossons, now you draw a card every time you play a enchantment, which is every creature in your deck. Then you’re just dropping a bunch of creatures, until you pull out a Doomwake Giant, then all your opponents creatures are getting -1/-1 every time you play a nonland card. Have some Abrupt Decays, Hero’s Downfalls, and Thoughseizes, etc… for removal. And the best part is, when they kill your guys, you can just pay GB and you get a new ENCHANTMENT creature, triggering both Doomwake Giant and Eidolon of Blossoms, and it has DT so it’s the ultimate blocker. Now, that might not win any Grand Prix’s or whatever, but it could definitely be a competitive deck.

          • Zombie

            Gnarled Scarhide: Strictly worse than Tormented Hero (Don’t even try to challenge me on this one. Tormented Hero serves the exact same purpose and actually has a relevant ability for this archetype. Making one of your creatures slightly bigger but taking it out of the defensive equation completely is stupid.)

            Eidolon of Blossoms: 4 drop with a sub- par body whose ability happens too late to matter.

            Pharika: Worst God in the block

            Doomwake Giant: Strictly worse than Bile Blight or Drown in Sorrow

            I could do this all day.

          • Tormented Hero is not strictly better, unless i’m running a B/X Heroic deck, i would much rather have Gnarled Scarhide. For the same price you get the same body, one comes into play tapped, the other can’t block, one’s an enchantment, the other isn’t. Because Gnarled Scarhide is an enchantment so he helps with Ethereal Armor and Eidolon of Countless Battles, plus late game instead dropping 2/1 that comes into play tapped, you can pay 4 to either make one of your creatures a little bigger, or make one of their creatures not able to block. Plus there’s still 100 cards in JOU that haven’t been spoiled, so any of them could make it being an enchantment even more significant.

            For 4 mana, you get a 2/2 AND you draw a card, yeah sure it’s not the ideal body for a 4 drop, but the draw power makes it worth it. There are plenty of cheap enchantments to make it worthwhile in a deck.

            I agree, out of all the Gods in the block, the set even, Pharika is the worst, but she isn’t that bad either. You don’t use her for exiling your opponents cards, you exile YOURS giving you an advantage. Oh, that defeats the point of Dredge decks, don’t play her in a Dredge deck then. BG decks don’t HAVE to be Dredge, there are other ways you can play BG decks.

            Doomwake Giant is not strictly worse than Bile Blight or Drown in Sorrow. For 5 you get a 4/6 body, that isn’t bad, but you also give all creatures your opponents control -1/-1, which can kill a few of their creatures, or make it so you can now swing with your creatures without as much of a risk of them dying. Plus, the turn after you play him you can drop a couple 1-2 drop enchantments and Drown in Sorrow their board, leaving yours untouched. Plus you can do that EVERY turn, while Drown in Sorrow only works once.

    • Fin

      So now you see how i felt about the B/W god…

      • Zombie

        Except you are straight up wrong about Athreos.

        You can have your opinion about him, but no matter how bad you think Athreos is, players with hundreds of Pro Points think he’s insane and viable in every Constructed format. Yes, that means pros are brewing him for Legacy.

        I’m taking an objective look at Pharika. She’s simply the weakest out of every god in the block.

    • 7roop

      I think that might be a little much. Yes, I think she’s the worst God of the set, but I still think she’s better than a few of the BNG Gods.

      • Zombie

        She’s really not.

        I’d honestly rather play Karametra than this garbage.

  • Aaron Seet

    Bleh, i had honestly thought that the snake goes to you, but since it goes the opponent not cool

  • GRUULman

    Man this sucks so bad. I mean it really really sucks. You may not even get the snake token…

  • Shuu

    This made me sad. Still a 3 drop 5/5 (if your devotion is high enough -n- ) but still. Was waiting on this one the whole time. What a bust. Since my Green/Black deck plays from the graveyard why would I exile the cards I need, much less give a deathtouch to an enemy. ;c

  • Chi Sarades

    sigh its not bad but i won’t exile my opponents creatures. well at least i got scavenging ooze to fix that

  • Since Athreos’s ability triggers when a creature you own goes into your graveyard, couldn’t you activate Pharika’s ability in response, stopping Athreos’s?

    • Derek

      Interesting question…I think Pharika’s ability would work like that because it works at instant speed. If Athreos said it went to your hand “instead” of dying then it wouldn’t. But I think it works like…Creature dies, Athreos triggered ability hits the stack, Pharika’s ability hits the stack, she resolves, creature is no longer legal target for Athreos. The opponent would still have to decide between paying the 3 life or not but obviously they would pick no…….anyone think I’m wrong?

      • I honestly don’t know, it’s just a thought I had.

      • David Herrera

        You’re correct. A little bit of your terminology was slightly incorrect, but that’s splitting hairs unnecessarily. You get the gist of it.

  • EmElw

    The obvious combo is to progressivley give your opponent up to 10 tokens, and when they hit a total of 10 creatures, you Gruul Charm the person… Won’t even see it coming…

    • Derek

      I don’t get it???

      • I think he means Golgari Charm, choosing to give all creatures -1/-1 until end of turn.

        • Butts

          It doesn’t make sense colorwise, but I think what he wants to do is give your opponent a ton of snakes and then steal them with Gruul Charm.

          • That doesn’t work, Rule 110.5a “A token is both owned and controlled by the player under whose control it entered the battlefield”

          • Butts

            Sure, it doesn’t work, but I think this is what he meant.

          • EmElw

            I was being dumb. Rakdos Charm is the correct answer, and for some reason my mind was set on that it deals 2 damage per creature.

    • You mean Golgari Charm? Gruul doesn’t make sense…

    • MTGfan

      Surely you mean rakdos charm?

  • My first thought was that you got the tokens and i was so stoked, then i read it again and now i’m sad… Probably wont see much play until after rotation, i expect it to replace Scooze then.

  • welan

    It s a combo and control card. It s not the kind of card people are use to in green black and will be toss out. However if you have a lot of man you simply leave two open and your opponent will almost never attack you. She is a good card. Amazing? No. If you focus on abusing grave effect? No . To have a board control and an answer who play control? Yes.

  • Derek

    Being able to grab a deathtouch blocker at instant speed is pretty good I guess…it’s just underwhelming compared to the rest of the gods (especially her Junk brother). Still can’t forget she’s a three mana 5/5 indestructible lol and when 2014 cycles out, she’ll be at least some sort of replacement for scavenging ooze.

    • Antares

      From your own yard. At the cost of losing scavenge/lifegain possibilities (Varolz, ACTUAL scavenge, Deathrite, Scavenging Ooze). I’m willing to bet she’ll see almost zero play until RTR block cycles out. Once that happens, we’ll need to wait and see what comes in for it, because it will also lose a lot of its highly valuable removal (Decay, Putrefy) and its awesome walker (Vraska).
      I can’t help but feel that she’s not very good. Yes, she can stop you from getting TOTALLY blown out by a wrath. . . then again, so does Golgari Charm, for less mana.

    • JAG 30504

      Do we know for sure Scavenging won’t be reprinted?

  • Whiskerbro

    Cmon Wizards. You made Iroas, Keranos, Kruphix, and Athreos all amazing, why couldn’t you have at least made Pharika playable?

  • welan

    god some guys are so spoils and mind narrow…

  • KING p†ouɹ∆

    sigh, waited the whole time for this card, and yeah its a 3 drop, but it completely hurts the style of green black decks, both dredge and scavenge. and even then it gives your OPPONENT a 1.1 death touch creature if you exile from their graveyard, very disappointing.

  • Dan

    Most likely a sideboard card against Monsters and maybe control but nothing more. Unless there will be something to combo with, possibility the new mechanic but Ooze is better in every way. Cheaper to eat stuff, gains life, can overwhelm a empty, latgame board state Do love how they print this in the same block and bile blight…

  • kansas

    can u use this ability in response to athreos

    • DoogleHallow

      I’m not sure if the creature actually hits the graveyard with Athreos in play but if it does there is no time to activate Pharikas ability between a creature dieing and having to decide the Athreos trigger? I may be entirely wrong

      • Michael Waters

        I think it works? Athreos triggers when they die ie hit the graveyard, then pharika in response and athreos trigger fizzles?

    • kmk888

      Yes but you will give them a 1/1 deathtouch snake.

      1. Creature dies. The word “dies” means it enters the graveyard.
      2. Athreos trigger goes on the stack
      3. Pharika exiles the creature and they get a snake
      4. Athreos trigger resolves, you choose return to hand, the ability fizzles.

    • Zombie

      Either you take 3 damage to make a 1/1 snake, or Athreos puts the creature back into their hand.

      If you let it go back to their hand, it never his the graveyard.

    • kansas

      well either way if it does work i would rather they get a 1/1 over a gery or a desodemon

  • Chiroptera

    Golgari Enchantment could be a better idea than some of you might think. Kruphix’s insight is totally relevant here.

  • harakka

    A bit dissapointing, but this will be very useful in a constellation deck. Also I’d imagine her being a cool tool in multiplayer games.

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Why Wizards…? Just… why not one of the following?
    – She costs 4 mana to cast and only you get the tokens. -> Awesome!
    – The ability costs 1BG / 2BG and only you get a token. -> Still good!
    – She eats all cards, but the owner gets the token. -> Still playable.

    But instead, we have this irrelevant pile of affliction. Which is sad, because I’m Golgari through and through.
    I don’t think she will see that much play in Standard. I doubt she will be played in Modern, and she surely won’t be played in Legacy. She’s fun to durdle around in EDH though. In total, I simply expected a bit more of a punch.

    • Storm Crow

      G/B dredge might play her in standard. they’ve got tons of stuff in the bin anyway.

      • kmk888

        Yeah but they need that stuff. They have 4 Nighthowler, 4 Nemesis of Mortals, and several copies of Jarad, remember? They don’t want to exile what is pumping their team, even for deathtouch snakes.

        • Storm Crow

          instant speed blockers is still pretty good

          • kmk888

            Not good enough to rationalize anti-synergy… If you activate her a couple times in that deck you’re probably going to lose. And they don’t need to play her as an undercosted beater, that’s what the entire rest of the deck is basically.

  • MrAptronym

    I am pretty disappointing. She costs mana to activate, can’t be used well as graveyard hate. Golgari usually want their own creatures in their graveyard, and it really doesn’t flavorfully feel like a god of affliction. I was expecting something with -1/-1 counters. The most disappointing god to my eyes.

    I think she is more powerful than many will give her credit for though. Whenever a creature you control dies you get a 1/1 deathtouch for 2. That’s not bad at all for 3 mana. It just may not support any major golgari strategies.

  • jonathan.forgione

    My I like, since you can play this skill at any time and block to troublesome creatures, kill them and exile them to continue killing creature XD.

    • Absinthman

      Actually, that’s not how it works. Unfortunately, the player who gets the 1/1 snake is the owner of the exiled creature card. So if you kill your opponent’s creatures with the snakes you make out of your dead creatures, you can’t make more snakes for yourself from the creatures you kill. Your opponent would get those snakes. This is what makes Pharika quite bad in my opinion. She could have had that “its owner” part of the text omitted and she still wouldn’t have been overpowered. The reason why they made it this way eludes me.

      • Anon

        I feel like that would have been totally op with out the “it’s owner” part. Exile a creature, get a snake, block their attacker, get another snake. Unless they have flying they will never get through your wall of repeatable snakes.

  • IlliterateFools

    Hmm… Was really looking forward to her… Maybe a 2BG: Give target creature deathtouch until end of turn. Regenerate it. Now THAT would fit the bit.

  • Ben Ehren

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY +1/+1 GOD IS NOT A THING!!!! (nless they make a constellation ability with +1/+1s)

    • Michael Waters

      oath of the ancient woods from M14 still super janky…

      • Ben Ehren

        did not notice that thanks

  • Roi Jaune

    The Ravnica Blocks almost define dual color. I can easily understand that they didn’t just make Pharika a Golgari clone. But taking it a step further and acctually making it ANTI-Golgari just seems silly to me

  • guest

    hmm…while a contentor for the worst of the 15 gods it say she could be used in a GB constalation deck, simbly don’t include grave redrival. every enchanetment creature will be able to trigger constalation effect 2-3 times, 1 for bestow, 1 for coming into play, 1 for being exiled by her effect, with a eidolon of blossoms on the field each enchantment creature card would let you draw 2-3. Also gives you soem board recovery after a supreme verdict and at instant speed gives blocker with deathtouch for 2 mana.

    • kmk888

      That was my plan. I was also thinking about putting a dredge like spin on it with Kruphix’s Insight, Whip of Erebos, and maybe even Deadbridge Chant. I f***ing love Deadbridge Chant.

      • guest

        it say get mana bloom as consistant 1 mana constellation trigger, maybe also gnarled scarhide for another 1 mana trigger that could also be used for early agro/in grave enchantment for pharika trigger.

  • Scute

    Decent sideboard against RG monsters if your an aggro strategy….and also green black….meh, could happen if the mono black aggro deck going round right now finds a reason to splash green ( pharika Itself is not a good reason).

  • Eduardogbg

    OMFG! Each mythic rare of this set (except Sage and Worst Fears, they’re purely casual ._) is like “Meeh, why WotC, why?!” then, after 2 minutes “Dat combo, new deck staple”.

    I was just thinking in doing a Junk enchantments and hexproof auras (because I LOVE aura decks even being a control player) and looked at Pharika thinking: She doesn’t combo with Aetheros ;( Of course, I noticed that, she amplifies Aetheros ability.

    Now it reads: Or his creatures became imortal, or, for each one that you kill, you lose 3 life and he gains a snake. Choose.

    • Eduardogbg

      Not to mention that the snakes are enchantments

  • Tprice

    Could you use her with atreos to make tokens of the tokens. Athreos triggers before the token resolves in a graveyard you respond with her ability to then exile the token to make a token or will this not work?

  • Luke Holmes

    This will see no play until Scooze rotates.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I like it. I like it very mucho.

  • Junk deck with this and Athreos in a deathtouch weenie deck. Attack, Attack, Attack then opp can choose to send your DT creatures back to your hand or let them die, take 3, then watch them get turned into DT snakes. Yes there are tons of cards than wipe low/no cast cost creatures, but even that can be worked around with Snake god.

  • ultramegalord

    this is an awsome commander though if you like politicts. hey i can save your from that 1010 but….whats in it for me?

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      Also enticing for use in a Jund sac-heavy deck.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Guess if you made an EDH deck with this, it would be…COBRA COMMANDER!!!!!!

    • Nathan Zimmerman

      Best name for EDH deck ever.

  • tyke5140

    If there is no synergy with this card by the time the next block comes out I will be sorely disappointed.

    • There’s already synergy with it, Constellation.

      • tyke5140

        Synergy with its activated effect I mean.

        • Yeah, you play a cheap enchantment creature, trigger constellation, then that creature dies you use Pharika to make another enchantment creature and trigger Constellation again.

  • welan

    She can easily be a broken card .
    turn one . Forest . Elvish Mystic
    turn two. Swamp . Pharika
    Turn 3.Swamp. Jarad ,Golgari leach lord.
    And OH MY GOD. Can i actually swing turn 3 with a five /five indestructible creature at you? And look at that. I can sacrifice it any time I want to deal 5 damage to you. Isn t that an interesting turn of event.

    • Whiskerbro

      Are you a troll?

      • FirelordNinzhan .

        I shouldn’t think so, cause that combos awesome. The only thing that would kill it, would be a well placed dread bore by the other player on your elvish mystic. But still, very cool

        • Whiskerbro

          Its not broken though.