Cleric decks are getting spoiled so much. I love it.

    • Zume

      black white commanders will love this card.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Oh yes, evil cultists. More please.

  • Taxle

    aristocrats is back baby!

    • Zombie

      Considering this is nowhere near constructed playable, I don’t think Aristocrats will be a thing if this is its backbone.

      • Zume

        prolly wont be a staple just flavor card, also top curve. But decent sac card as yo can sac any permanent, mainly clues in the new format will be relevant.

  • Zombie

    Just goes to show you how powerful Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat are in Limited, they made this one cost 5 mana to get a similar effect.

    • Dominic Ng

      to be fair it is also a 2/4 which might be relevant

      • Zombie

        A 2/4 for a total investment of 5 mana is complete garbage, even in Limited. That’s Bomb-level of mana for an effect that’s CMC 2 in BFZ/OGW, a format that probably had a much easier time abusing the ability with all of the Scions running around.

        That kind of body needs an ability like Flying or something to actually be relevant for that heavy of an investment of mana.

        As it stands now I can’t imagine this being that relevant in Limited beyond having 2 copies at most, and that’s if you’re forced into picking the second one because you’re drafting White.

        The problem that this kind of Blood Artist variation has is that it only works when your own creatures are killed. Blood Artist is a busted card because it doesn’t care whose creatures die, it pings your opponent no matter who controls the creature, and that makes it abusable via wrath effects.

        And on top of everything: It makes you kill one of your own permanents BEFORE you even get to the effect that capitalizes on your own creatures dying.

        It’s another card that falls flat on its face when it comes to functionality because they cared more about flavor than making a good card. Because of flavor it contradicts itself.

        I’m starting to get worried for this set. Flavor is good in Magic, but not when its the priority over making a good draft environment and in terms of the set’s power. If most of the cards are just toned down because they overloaded the cards with flavor and weakened them, then there’s going to be a few rares or mythics that they didn’t do this to and they’re going to be obscenely stronger than everything else in the set, and as a result they’re going to rocket up in price because of the demand for them in Standard.

        • TJ

          2/2 and 1 life for 3 is pretty standard. However, the ability to take him from chump blocker to heavy blocked, whenever you decide is pretty good. You can also still run him slightly fast than blood artist. Turn three drop, next turn, still run a two drop and have mana to flip at your desire is pretty good. His Blood artist ability might be the same speed, but without having to suck all you mana the turn you want it,mans at instant speed as well.

          • Zombie

            This card is nowhere even close to being as fast as Blood Artist.

            Blood Artist is 1B and BA’s ability triggers on the death of opposing creatures in addition to your own.

            That’s FAR more massive an advantage than you’re giving credit.

            But Blood Artist is too good in Limited, I get that. They didn’t want to repeat how good Blood Artist was, so they made Zulaport Cutthroat.

            And when Zulaport Cutthroat turned out to still be too good, they made a Soul Warden that costs 3 mana and then costs 2 more mana and requires you to sacrifice a permanent to turn it into Zulaport Cutthroat with a halfway decent body.

            When you’re evaluating a card and the only point in its favor is that “Limited is slow enough to where it MIGHT work”, chances are pretty close to 100% that the card isn’t going to be good.

          • TJ

            Sorry, for some reason, I thought blood artist was 4.

          • Zombie

            Falkenrath Noble is CMC 4 and is basically a big Blood Artist.

            Maybe Noble was what you were thinking of?

          • TJ

            Quite possibly, thanks for that.

        • TJ

          Plus it feeds on the sacrifice to get other things which played decently in Innistrad.

    • Zume

      This card being only 3 cmc as well as th ability to sac any permanent (not just token) to trigger it is really good, especially in limited. also this card fits well as a top curve pick for arristcrats, amazing card amazing art will definitly see play by some means. not op, but kinda glad wotc didnt print another op aritcrats staple when they already got the good, plus its a 2/4 body for 3 which isnt bad

      • Zombie

        Aristocrats was only a thing because there were serious enablers in Constructed, namely Falkenrath Aristocrat, Cartel Aristocrat, and Skirsdag High Priest. Not to mention the tribal nature/synergy of Cavern of Souls and the “Advisor” creature type allowing the deck’s primary win conditions to dodge UWR Flash’s control cards.

        Without anything similar to those cards previewed yet, there is absolutely no basis whatsoever to say that Aristocrats will be a thing.

        And even if those cards WERE spoiled, this would not fit in that deck.

        Because it’s a CMC 3 Soul Warden that can only sack a creature once. So not only is it not a viable engine for an Aristocrat deck, it’s not even an Advisor, which was the whole point of the deck’s flavor in the first place.

        • Zume

          obviously you dont play commander/edh

    • MTG fan

      Yeah but you gain life before and after his transformation.

      • Zombie

        Paying 3 mana for a Soul Warden with a slightly bigger body is already pretty much in the bottom tier of playable cards, and then you’re paying 2 mana and sacrificing a permanent to give it 2 extra toughness and Zulaport Cutthroat’s ability.

        And you don’t even get to drain your opponent for sacrificing that permanent if it’s a creature.

        And if you sacrifice a creature to give Pious Evangel 2 extra toughness, you better hope it was a 1/1 because if it wasn’t you basically just 2 for 1’ed yourself while your opponent watched and laughed.

        • MTG fan

          One: Clue token should be used for his transformation. 2: any permanent! 3: 2 abilities trigger differently, one based on when a creature you control enters the battlefield and the other on when they die.

          • Zombie

            Your third point is completely irrelevant to what I was saying about this card’s triggers, or why its sacrifice effect is basically useless.

            You get no benefit from the first card you sacrifice, because the sacrificing of the permanent happens as a part of the activation cost of Pious Evangel’s ability. Meaning, if you control 2 creatures, one of them being Pious Evangel, sacrificing the other creature is a net loss for you. You lose Power and possibly even Toughness, and you still don’t get to drain your opponent for the loss of that creature.

            And yes, you can sacrifice other permanents. Have fun sacrificing that land you need play your bombs, or the Clue you needed to cantrip with to draw your bombs.

            This card is just objectively not good.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      You don’t like this card, huh?

      • Zombie

        There’s a difference between liking a card and evaluating it objectively.

        I love the flavor, the art is fantastic and it seems like a fun card.

        But that doesn’t mean I think it’s even remotely playable.

    • Minizem

      Thats only the flip-side. You also get the benefit of gaining life for putting creatures out. You can transform whenever you please.

  • De’Elgathor

    The dagger’s got the same symbol that the clue token has. So, cult within the church? Possibly Skirsdag?

  • Deadly Berry

    Black white clerics are back! Loving this.

  • Bobstevetom

    What’s that yellow fungus on too of the cryptoliths?

    • theEternalPilgrims

      Pretty sure those are candles.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        But I wish they were fungi.

  • Nebulium

    Sweet, another cheap bleeder for my Athreos EDH.

    • Zume

      was thinking the same thing =DD

    • Zombie

      5 mana for a Zulaport Cutthroat isn’t what I’d consider cheap.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, it’s bigger and actually costs 3 & 2 not a hard five, plus you have it as a warden, those about-to-die creatures have to etb at some point right?also it’s a sac outlet which BW always finds a way to use. not the best but still okay for an edh deck where most of you stuff doesn’t die for long

        • Zombie

          If you want it to actually be relevant the turn you play it, it will cost you 5 mana and another permanent you control.

          It’s also not a “sac outlet”. That implies an engine – the ability to repeatedly sacrifice your creatures to achieve a combo goal.

          Example: Viscera Seer is the “sac outlet” engine for Melira Pod’s infinite combos.

          This is not what I’d consider a “sac outlet”, considering it can only sacrifice one creature and then it can never act as a sacrifice source again for the rest of the game.

          • Zume

            do you not see that the card has to tap??
            Dont be condescending the card is indeed a one use sac outlet, its not a engine ofc.

          • ashenmoor

            you say a lot of wrong things for someone so sure

          • Zombie

            And you’ve said a whole lot of nothing that’s relevant to the topic.

            You can call me out all you want, but keep it about the card discussion; don’t make it personal.

      • Nebulium

        5 mana is pretty cheap for edh, especially when you can spread it out and most of your creatures are 3 mana or less. Also the fact that it gets +0/+2 when it flips isn’t irrelevant either since you can keep him as a soul warden when you bring out all your cheap clerics, flip him and them pestilence all the little guys away, potentially hitting for 4 for each weenie you killed.

        • Atarka Effreet

          This would go really well with scions..
          STEP 1 Play this guy then play Brood monitor or Call the scions to gain life
          STEP 2 Sac a scion and pay 2, then, when you sac the scions, you get life AND you drain your opponent!

  • Liam Maiher

    Really wish this was mono white. I need more healers for my darien edh

    • Bobstevetom

      Exactly my thought. Pro tip: Dingus staff + blasting station. Also angels trumpet ftw

    • Ryū

      He’ll definitely find a place in my Ghave deck.

    • TJ

      Abzan EDH with Mereth and Mycoloth would be, excellent.

    • Garrison Tran

      <- end noob: this wouldnt work on mono white edh even though it only needs white to cast and generic to use its abilities?

      • Dave

        Unfortunately not as it’s colour identity is white and black.

  • MTG fan

    Point of this card and Step 1: Summon as many creatures for its benefit of gaining 1 life per creature, including himself. Step 2: transform him! Step 3: troll your opponent with an excellent ability!

    • Vizzerdrix

      Step 3 is acually nantuko husk

      • MTG fan



    This art on this sucks

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      I heartily disagree.

      • I’AMRAKUL

        Good, at least i’m the only one so far.

        • Vizzerdrix

          Its defintley pretty derpy

          • I’AMRAKUL


  • MaNU_ZID

    this card should have been 2 cmc to be good and playable.
    Anyway, I love the dark art and the flavour of it. Is great.

    • Zume

      true, but i think it will find in some standard and edh builds.

    • TJ

      3 for a 2/2 soul is more than reasonable. This will find lots of play being that it take more than 1damage or -1/-1 counter, and you can flip it when you want, more than reasonable to me, yeah it looks heavy, but with what it can survive out side of direct kill creature cards, it is pretty good.

    • QuasarDeathray

      A bear with lots of upside for white? That would be way beyond playable.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I wish they were a little more creative with this and had it as transform THEN sacrifice in the same ability.

  • Aarhg

    Kev, your magic fingers have done it again.

  • That Guy

    I need a foil for my clerics edh deck.

  • Vizzerdrix

    I need this in my teysa love my blood artist type cards

  • Nathan Harviala

    Wow, Soul Warden that turns into a Zulaport Cutthroat. That’s pretty dang sexy.

  • Bostorket


    • De’Elgathor

      THE GREATER GOOD (the greater good)

      • Bostorket

        New rule: When Pious Evangel transforms, you may say, “the greater good” and your opponent must echo it. If they do not, you may put a 4/4 Nicholas Angel creature token with horsemanship into play.

  • kmk888

    Good card but it may be too much of an investment for standard decks.

    On the other hand the card looks custom made for the Eldrazi Displacer/ Brood Monitor combo deck. You don’t have to splash black any more if you don’t want to!