• That Guy

    So with a sac outlet it functions as a phyrexian altar.

    Also infinite etb/death triggers with march of the machines… I like it.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Should be a bit of fun with EDH decks like Meren.

    • Tony Delfino

      I was thinking Breya myself…. sac her thopters to get treasures you can sac for even more effects.

  • Marvin Sürig

    It says “another creature” not “another non token creature” o.o
    March of the Machines likes to have a word with you and some athem effect.

  • Shagoth

    Disiple of the Vault can now be involved in creature based aristocrat decks! Maybe a bit janky…
    “Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield, you may pay 1 and create a saproling.”
    This card needs to exist now.

  • Edward

    This is great with the card form last set that lets you sacrifice creatures from 2 treasures. The best part is that treasures can pay for removal when needed.

  • Jay Kilian

    Solid flavor win.

  • Gol_D_Asxce

    It doesn’t say “may” so matching this with March of the Machines will end the game in a Draw lol

    • Grant Jacobson

      I guess? but could you tap and sac the treasure before it dies to having 0 toughness

      • eltratzo

        no. dieing to 0 toughness is statebased. you don’t have time to do anything before that.

    • eltratzo

      kinda. it causes an infinite loop. but it’s a trigger based infinite loop. those only draw the game if no player can break them (in this case by removing this or the march from the field) statebased loops always draw. but those are very very rare

  • Hedronal

    Uncommon playable forever in some format or other, not because no other would take it but because they’d want it.

  • Jakub S.

    Is that a chocolate coin?

  • kmk888

    Bontu’s Monument, Oathsworn Vampire, a free sac outlet, and this go infinite. Mono black combo in Standard.