• Krosis

    New tron staple.

    • Zombie


      Tron can already play everything it wants to. It doesn’t need sluggish cheat effects to win, especially ones that make you overpay for almost everything you’d find.

      Neither Karn nor Ugin are worth 14 mana, Wurmcoil Engine isn’t worth 14 mana…

      Really the only things Tron could find with this and not just end up doing the same thing they always do, but at twice the mana cost, is find Sundering Titan or Emrakul. Sundering Titan doesn’t hit Tron’s lands, and Emrakul is Emrakul.

      And this card is essentially reading “Play Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for 1 less mana, or Emrakul the Promised End for 1 more mana”.

      • Pacu

        Tutor plus any win-con is worth more than 8 mana, sometimes worth more than 14 mana. And it ignores colored casting costs. Seems legit. Not saying it will be played, I would say not, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

        • Zombie

          You’re right, tutoring a wincon for 14 mana the turn you play Planar Bridge is worth it if you actually win.

          Tron won’t do that.

          > “And it ignores colored casting costs.”

          So does the rest of Tron. And I’d still rather just hardcast Emrakul because she has a cast effect, not ETB.

          Of course people are going to try to play it.

          People try to make bad cards work all the time.

          But Planar Bridge isn’t a good card for value. It’s so slow and has such an enormous mana investment that you either whip out an immediate win condition, or you’re wasting a ton of mana.

          • Johan K

            Well. Assuming it is specifically Emrakul you have. This is flexible in that it keeps churning, should you need it. If you play against tron, is this what you counter? What if you do, will what comes next be worse? Is it a lot of mana to front load? Sure. But when I see tron in modern, they usually have issues for several turns of not being able to cast their big mana cards. Since this can be (assuming no removal, which would be fairly naïve) split up over two turns, it’s more likely to be of use. The other time I see tron stumble is having one threat and then flood out. This solves that. Again, this is assuming this is the threat you have. And that is a whole lot of assumptions.

            I’m just playing Devil’s advocate here – I don’t necessarily believe it will have a huge impact but am open to the idea of there being situations where it can be useful.

            But a Birthing Pod from without setup, this is not.

          • Pacu

            Agreed, it’s not a 14 mana win con. It’s a 6 mana tutor + 8 mana win-con. It’s not a great card, but it’s not the worst thing a Tron deck could be doing.

          • Hedronal

            Doing things that just aren’t the worst is not how archetypes are formed in non-rotating formats, like where Tron is found.

          • Pacu

            Agreed. It’s not going to do anything in established Tron decks, but is there a Tron brew possible that uses this? Possibly. If any deck can use it, it’s Tron. Maybe a mono-colored devotion deck.

            There was a focus on the cost + activation as the benchmark for how powerful the effect needs to be. It’s similar to certain limited/draft cards that have an initial cost and an activated cost. Never is the effect worth the sum of the two costs outright, but it’s the flexibility that matters. I think folks may discount the flexibility of this card a bit.

            It doesn’t have great odds of being a game-changer in modern, I just think it’s odds aren’t as bad as some folks give it.

          • Happy The Cat

            so… what are you taking out of tron to play this? utility and land fetching? powerhouses like wurmcoil or world breaker? or are you cutting out lands?
            the only time this could work in tron is when tron gets it’s lands online, but once tron has it’s lands online it should just be winning the game with whatever they have leftover in their hands.

          • Pacu

            I agree, I’m not sure what you take out for this. It would make sense to take out a threat, as it’s a tutor. It does give the deck flexibility perhaps. Karn can’t cut it? Fetch an Ugin for a board wipe instead.

            In all likelihood, it’s not going to find a home in Tron, at least not in the typical RG or GW Tron. Maybe U? Who knows.

          • Zombie

            What I don’t understand is why people are thinking that Planar Bridge would work when Tooth and Nail is a better, cheaper effect and still doesn’t see any significant play?

          • Pacu

            Only hits creatures.

          • Happy The Cat

            what haven’t we listed that isn’t a creature for this to fetch. well, I have, but that is an 8 mana artifact that literally sees play in only one deck in edh, nowhere else.

          • Zombie


            I’m pretty sure Tooth and Nail hitting Emrakul and Xenagos, God of Revels wins the game.

            And I’m pretty sure it wins the game faster than this abortion of a magic card. Excuse me, “Planar Bridge”.

          • Zombie

            Did Happy finally join my pessimistic critical thinking cult?

            “What are you taking out to play this” has been what I’ve been trying to get people to prioritize ever since I started posting to this website.

            I’m so…

            … happy.

          • Happy The Cat

            I enjoy chaos, modern is great because it’s chaotic, decks meticulously cut down to maximize damage for control, this just doesnt do that. if this cast the spell I might drop some adderall and piece together some knock off tron combo deck that ends up firing this thing like a spagetti cannon to throw Emrakuls at peoples face but just putting it on the board isnt chaotic.
            I’m a simple person, My favorite edh deck relies on beating people to death with a 1/5 while I control an 8 mana artifact that loosely translates into “you win the game if you can change how you draw cards”, but there is a difference between adding a card to your deck for versatility and adding a card that lowers effectiveness.
            If there is EVER a bigger creature than emrakul (progenitus number2? 20/20 haste?) this might have a chance to be copies 5-8 of an otk deck, but nothing is that big so far.
            there is one reason to play this, Emrakul cost $40+ and has been known to hit $200 based on metas, pretty sure that a non inventions copy of this wont break $5. invention might break $35 if you want your deck to look pretty.

          • Zombie

            But why would you want it to keep churning? It’s either going to win you the game or it’s going to die while it sits on the board waiting for you to feed it 8 mana.

            You don’t need to counter it. Your answers to Tron and Affinity already answer this, and every deck already dedicates a huge chunk of their sideboard to artifact hate.

            This isn’t some magical new threat that will win games out of nowhere. People already have tons of artifact hate in Modern. Some of them are even maindeck.

            Being split up in to two turns makes this even worse, not better. If you can’t spend the 14 mana to use this the turn you play it, it just sits there with a target painted on it just begging for an Ancient Grudge or any number of artifact removal spells that are in sideboards.

            If Tron is stumbling, a 6 mana brick that does nothing until you pump 8 more mana into it will not fix their issues.

            If Tron is stumbling, and Tron plays this, if you kill it they have nothing.

            Mostly because this is what they put in their flex slot instead of relevant cards to help them from being put into the exact situation they just got into.

          • Happy The Cat

            you know that Tron works because it’s lands add 3 mana to the mana pool once they are live right? tron wins by casting something ridiculous, then doing it again, and again. adding in this just slowing down your deck for no reason.
            you know what you could do instead of casting this? cast plat angel, or wurmcoil, or any of the super powerful 6-8 mana colorless permanents the deck already runs.

          • Johan K

            You are saying this as though I don’t already know that.

          • Pacu

            By ignoring colored casting costs, I mean you can play some colored win-cons, what those are, I don’t know. “Bridge” in a Omniscience as others have pointed out.

            Tron is already slow, and yes, it potentially slows down Tron by another turn, but it’s repeatable card advantage after that.

            Just playing devil’s advocate here, I don’t think any current Tron builds will use it, there may be some new brew space opened up by it.

          • Zombie

            It isn’t repeatable card advantage.

            It’s an excuse for decks that already beat you to beat you harder.

            Now artifact hate is even better against you.

            Relying on a durdley artifact in a vast Modern meta where literally everyone’s sideboard hates on artifacts is a good way to tank your winrate so hard even your parents are embarrassed by it.

          • Pacu

            1) It tutors something every turn. So repeatable.
            2) Fast decks beat Tron, this is known. I agree, it slows down Tron by another turn.
            3) I agree that artifact hate hurts a lot of decks, and yet artifact centric decks still get played all the time (and win often enough). Dies to Doom Blade fallacy.

  • Shagoth

    So people were not only really close when talking about Planar Portal, but us peeps who thought it would be two new ones (granted that was my second guess) were correct.

    As for the card, Tron Staple, EDH staple all over the place (will be great in a cheat-into-play EDH deck I’m planning), may see other play in Legacy 12-post.

    • Zombie

      Idk why people keep suggesting Tron.

      Paying 14 mana to find your win conditon when you could just do it for less mana normally is stupid.

      Planar Bridge finds huge cheat effects and game-ending combos, not Tron-value.

      If you’re playing Planar Bridge and not finding Omniscience and then winning the game, you’re doing it wrong.

      • BusinessmanGinger

        Yeah I agree, if it was just cmc for 7 it might be possible but you also have to pay the cost to activate its’ ability. Probably won’t see too much play outside of Limited

        • Zombie

          I mean it probably has some cute value in EDH/Canadian Highlander, but there are cards that already do Planar Bridge’s job better.

          Even in Standard, it’s just a worse Aetherworks Marvel.

      • Shagoth

        I could see this in the sideboard against a control heavy matchup.

  • Evil Tactics

    It’s cute in EDH I suppose.

  • Avery Standley

    Wish it could also search for permanents outside the game since in the lore it can reach to other planes. Would have been spicy

  • Kevan Kramer

    Need one for my monoblue Kami EDH. Not this version though, just a regular non-foil pack one.

  • Hedronal

    So many people called it like Emrakul in Emn, but this time it isn’t disappointing to me. Maybe it’s because mystery wasn’t the point this time.

  • Happy The Cat

    well, I’m pretty sure I will find some use for this somewhere… March/Lattice decks still like permanents right?
    really any deck that can make a mana loop will like this, heck my Tomorrow deck might just pick this up, it costs just as much to cast Possessed Portal as this does to fetch it.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I wonder what will come out.

  • Fred Weasley

    I’m glad Raymond Swanland got to do a Masterpiece! He did an expedition too which I was happy with. His art is my favorite and it doesn’t look like my opinion will be changing any time soon. This card in Standard is probably only a two of, maybe, a very small maybe, a three of. I bet I will be the first (and only) one to use it just for an extra land lol.

  • Edwin Marín Castro
    • Evil Tactics

      Hmm… I feel it’s more like a cousin to the portal. My reasoning is because that the effects are still quite different, it doesn’t seem like a direct evolution. Portal could tutor for any card, whereas the Bridge looks for permanent cards and puts them onto the battlefield. In some cases casting the permanent can help, if it has some cast effect, assuming you have the mana or time to spare. I wouldn’t say either is better than the other, since they function differently, they are meant to be built around in their own way.

      • Edwin Marín Castro

        Good point.

      • Bonogringo

        I would say this is an evolution too.
        For in my opinion the overall quality of planar bridge is better.
        Planar portal let you get value on non permanent spell at the cost of 6 more. That is the only bright side because the value of permanents getting casting effect is irrelevant due to the few number of them or their huge casting cost.
        Portal get you the best answer everytime but the mana cost is so huge you might be able to play only on spell every 2 turns, making you relativly weak against counterspell and discard (instant speed discard I admit).
        On the other hand the bridge is giving you a permanent on every activation, counterspell proof, value on any more than 8 mana cost permanent, instant speed come in to play effects. With all the ETB effects or huge planeswalkers and créatures or any artefact that is a wrath in itself you got the same flexibility for just 2 more mana. Wich is like if you got only 2 mana spells out of portal.
        instant speed oblivion ring for 8 or normal speed oblivion ring for 9.
        instant speed emrakul for 8 or hard casted emrakul for 21.
        venser or mystic snake counterspell uncouterable for 8 or for 10 but can be countered.
        every artifact or enchant that have restiction for attackers put into play at instant speed on begining of combat phase for 8 or put during your turn for 8 to 10 depending wich one you choose.
        planar bridge getting you panar portal for 8 or planar portal getting you planar bridge for 12.

        They need 2 different deck to work well but i’d definitly prefer the bridge deck.

        • Evil Tactics

          Yes overall I would agree, especially since it will usually be a drawn out game or you’ll achieve your mana ramp quickly, 8 mana isn’t that much harder to get than 6. You would want to abuse the ETB instant effect of the Bridge over the Portal putting the card into your hand.

          Very rare cases I imagine where one would prefer to fetch a sorcery or instant or some sort of permanent with a cast effect over just slamming some massive permanent down instantly. While both are “build-around-me” sort of artifacts, playing the Bridge would feel more fun for what it does.

          Of course, in an EDH deck now you can have both. :D

  • Jeremiah Dorph

    I hate this block and can’t wait for it to end!!!

    • Zombie

      Really? The Kaladesh block has been quite refreshing for non-Standard players.

      People who play Standard are just going to always whine about the next block when it comes out anyway. Standard will always stagnate, and it will reach a point where the best decks are clear. That’s just how Standard works.

      And it’s why so many people are flocking to Modern. Because now you can build a competitive Modern deck that doesn’t rotate for the price of a Tier 1 Standard deck that loses 60% of its value after rotation.

      • Jeremiah Dorph

        I only play table top though… first, I’m not a fan of artifacts. 2nd, I think vehicles are cool but I’m not a fan. 3rd, the world just doesn’t do it for me. Like I don’t really care what is happening or what happened. Kahns block was awesome for me. Loved the story and flavor. Innistrad is just awesome, love the flavor.. even zendikar was alright.. but this block I just don’t care. I’m worried about the planeswalkers being “the avengers” of magic. I understand why they are doing this, but I don’t like it. Just my opinion from a player that doesn’t matter anyway. Also, everything now seems like a gimmick. Inventions and all.

        • Zombie

          The Khans block was honestly pretty garbage for me. Siege Rhino should have never been printed, Wizards jumped the shark with time travel nonsense, and it was a very top heavy standard environment.

  • Brian Schmidt

    So, I was just about to sound really stupid. I was about to say they are making a new card but only offering it as a “promo” card as a Masterpiece and then the light went on that they just spoiled another card from Aether Revolt…at least, I hope they did.

  • Nanya

    I feel that Daretti decks will break this…

    Yeah, I feel they will.

    • Zombie

      Seems neat for incremental value in Daretti, but Paradox Engine is 100% the card I would put in Daretti first.

      The thing about Planar Bridge is that you either use it to find an immediate win condition, or it’s underwhelming or just dies.

      • Nanya

        8 mana to win the game is pretty good to me.

        It’s not like people don’t Entwine Tooth and Nail or overload Cyclonic Rift to win the game after all in EDH.

        • Zombie

          8 mana after the 6 mana you already spent to play it.

          What’s that?

          That’s the sound of Daretti already having a dozen game-ending combos that use less mana and less 6 mana bricks.

          • asdfg

            As a Daretti player, this is going straight in. There ARE other ways to win, mostly 2 and 3 card combos, and I play those too. But this is MONO RED EDH. Mono red doesn’t have good draw or tutors, and this is a repeatable tutor. The new planar portal.

          • Zombie

            As a Daretti player, I already have a bunch of stuff that’s better that I’m playing and I’m already making room for Paradox Engine which is “infinitely” better.

            Get it?

            Because Paradox Engine goes infinite.

            Because it’s actually good.

          • Nanya

            6? Daretti doesn’t use 6 to cast artifacts. You know that.

            And anyway, it’s only 8 mana to use the effect, not 14.

          • Zombie

            Pay 6, to play, pay 8 to activate.

            You need 14 mana to use it and play it immediately.

            And why would I ever do that when I can go infinite on turn 5 with a decent draw?

            Or with an average draw blow up everyone’s stuff and then return 40+ artifacts to the board by turn 8-9 with a Scrap Mastery combo?

  • Hedronal

    So this is what the more advanced Stargates look like in mtg. Chappa’ai indeed.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Oh man.. For only 22 mana you can search up Pestermite, untap and search up Kiki-jiki ftw! Game! ;p

    • Shagoth

      Dude, that’s way too inconvenient.

      Just use a voltaic key after the infinite mana combo you’ve assembled including the Paradox Engine and grab four Scornful Egotists and four Storm Crows. They’ll give you their deck for free after assembling such a threatening force!

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    The ungodly mana cost to make this do anything spectacular is the only thing stopping me from loving it. Once you’ve invested in it though, its awesome for slapping something straight onto the field if you have a lot of good high cost cards in your deck.

  • Scathain

    Usable for tron, with an Emrakul, the Aeos Torn in your deck.

    • Happy The Cat

      you know what else you could do for fourteen mana? cast almost any spell in magic except for emrakul. dont waste a slot in your tron deck that should be going to better cards.
      if you can afford the full set of Aeons torn I could understand playing this but honestly if you dont want to pay for that probably shouldn’t be trying to enter modern through tron.

      • mehngo

        Not sure where you got the idea that you’d run a playset of Emrakul. The point is that you pay the fourteen mana for options. Can hit your Karn, can hit your Emrakul, can hit your Wurmcoils, etc.

  • Shagoth

    With naysayers saying this won’t fit into tron, I had an idea that’s a completely different variation of tron.
    Planar Tron Good stuff.
    You just have a single copy of everything giant threat, three of this, the usual ton stuff, and a larger variety of creatures in both the main and sideboard, especially since this negates colorless options. This probably won’t go anywhere but eh, maybe it will. A lot of cards that have split reception at first do great things, a lonely common or uncommon gets ignored, and a few rare get overhyped and probably won’t do too much.

    • Happy The Cat

      That deck already exists. it uses this little known spell named Tooth and Nail. it works much better as it costs a little over half the mana. seems like not that good of an idea to double the win condition cost while adding the great value of being a permanent that can be destroyed as well as being a spell that can be countered.

      • Shagoth

        Jeez, sorry I forgot about that deck. Just me be brewin’
        Though it does seem like all of the things this card does, there’s a better way less expensive version already in modern. Heck, the marvel won’t allow this to exist in standard.

  • Paul Gregory

    I am kinda curious if anyone can rig up something interesting with this and Master Transmuter. But I suspect you’d rather be putting something like a Blightsteel Colossus down, honestly.

  • Bige Boiy

    playable in simic/x or mud edh decks, but i can’t see it being played anywhere else

    • Robert FakeLastName

      wow you have 0 imagination
      not even thinking about deretti. red != mud btw.

      • Bige Boiy


  • Godmode_ON

    I sure hope they print a non-invention version, or this is going to be f***ing expensive.