Plea for Guidance - Born of the Gods Spoilers

Plea for Guidance

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Search your library for up to two enchantment cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

  • DJ Pad

    Double Idyllic Tutor, maybe in EDH…six mana is a lot, even if it does find you two gods.

    • Anthony Bartolomey

      Agreed and a super strong edh card

  • DA

    I wish this was Kamigawa… then this spell would have EPIC and let you put the enchantments onto the battlefield…

  • Bjonesicle

    Kind of like three dreams, but works on all enchantments. Cool.

  • dinner

    Will replace birthing pod in modern!

    • Luke Myers


      • Luke Myers

        Birthing pod puts the creatures onto the battlefield, and can be done for 4 mana.

        • bob

          you sir have officially been trolled he is joking

          • dinner


  • Zombie

    Strictly EDH. Don’t pick it in Draft.

    Decent in Sealed if you pull two Bestow bombs.

  • TokyoScarab

    So instead of repringint Idyllic Tutor like I hoped. Wizards printed a card that is 2 of them? I’ll still want to use it lol

  • Mana_Burn

    So…I can tutor for two of the following: Primeval Bounty, Detention Sphere, Assemble the Legion, Gods, Sphere of Safety or Domestication? 6 mana is high, but that seems really powerful.

  • Ryan

    Good god-getter and helpful heroic helper. Pricey but for good reason.