Predatory Sliver from M14 Spoiler Predatory Sliver from M14 Spoiler
Predatory Sliver - M14 Visual Spoiler

Predatory Sliver

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature - Sliver
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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Sliver creatures you control get +1/+?

  • ofloveandhate

    Probably the new muscle sliver +1 +1

  • Juan

    he is probably 1/1 otherwise it would be uncommon

    • Razz

      Because Sinew Sliver was an uncommon right?

      • Guest

        exactly his point

  • yegs

    so we can now have 12 of them sweet.

  • j0e

    I’m going to bet he’s a 1/2

    • jinx

      You lose

  • So now we can have 12 Muscle Slivers in one deck? That is fantastic…

  • Not more slivers god damn it

    • Sliver Predator

      It’s about time god damn it

  • Jason G.

    I think it is a 0/1

  • wut if its a 0/0 and relies on its own effect to survive? :O