• Serj

    Love the first art.

    • HighPriest

      Me too, wish I could see a fuller version if it exists. Also, nice to see someone else pay attention to the important bit! ;)

  • tsokanos filippos

    This is a rare??

    • alexander macrae

      Yeah, I had the same reaction. Granted, the first combat trick is extremely good value for its cost, but the aftermath part is underwhelming.

      • sansmyhands

        I definitely feel that for a rare the aftermath should be an instant. At least then it could be a total blowout. As-is this thing should be uncommon.

    • Giacomo Lini

      in limited this card might be a good 2 for 1 spell … for the cost of 6 mana (eventually split in different turns) and a card u get a combat trick which arguably is killing a creature and a second kill spell. Plus u get the card back when u cast the consequence cost cause u might not cast any other spell on that turn. Not saying this is going to be a staple … but still

  • mtgersdf

    so i asume that you first pay 1W for the “big” card and when it is in the grave 3G and cast both cards or am i guessing wrong?

    • Together Alone

      No from the grave you can only cast the bottom half of the card. aka this card is bad. Anyone pulling this in limited is going to feel very sad.

      • Him

        this is not bad. These cards are never going to be bad. For one, it is two effects for the price of one card. And they are both effects that will be relevant through out the game, unless you don’t have any creatures. In addition, it is quite versatile – you can cast just the first half, and then save the other for later, or cast them both at the same time, for a MASSIVE life swing and removal spell. Not to mention, it synergies with discard and graveyard themes.

  • Gord

    I have a suspicion that this will play better than it looks. Can represent a huge life gain with removal. A little pricey but I’ve turned a lot of games around with a lightening helix or Ribbons of Night. Even compared to Faith’s Fetters (one of my favorites) I think this might be underrated.

    • Konan

      I agree, and it might be even better in this set combined with the exert mechanic.

      • Him

        I am going to love this with exert. I have already started to put an exert deck together.

      • Gord

        That’s a good point I didn’t even think of.

  • Chris Orchard

    This represents two removal spells in limited. That is why it is rare

  • Kumrag

    I see the horrible frame is sticking around. 0/10

  • Gustavo Martinez

    It does not feels like a rare to me…

    • zDRIBAS

      if this was common i would be like … this seems like a strong common but still ok, you know im saying, this between common and uncommon this is the most garbage rare

  • Marek

    Tarmo will love this feeder

  • Daniel Scott

    I think the frame looks better with two colours.

  • Random Guy

    STAP with the frame discussion.

  • Tavis Carrillo

    How does this qualify as a rare. Cane we get a good card at some point please?

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Sure. How about literally everything else?

  • Scathain

    Not a truly bad card, if a bit mana-intensive, but the correct rarity would have been uncommon.

  • Nebulium

    I get why it’s rare. I don’t think it should be, but I get it.
    1. It can 2 for 1.
    2. Versatility.
    3. Can potentially gain you a LOT of life.
    4. Circumvents exert, which can even add more synergy, assuming there is something that exerts for +X/+X, Glorybringer, what have you.
    5. Very splashable.
    6. Aftermath has basically the same card advantage as flashback.
    All that said, I think it would have been fine as an uncommon.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Yeah, they should have switched this with Onward to Victory. That card is closer to rare status. Or just lower the fight cost to maybe 1G.

  • Zombie

    Pretty sure someone at Wizards mixed up the symbols with this and an uncommon.

  • Him

    This seems extremely strong. I think everyone is underestimating it.