• DapperRaptor

    oh the irony

    • guy

      how is this ironic?

      • Nolly

        The art seems to imply the werewolf who was doing the preying upon in the last art is now the one preyed upon.

        • Elijah Bones Stewart

          He’s gunna die with his boots on.

  • That Guy

    A powerful reprint for limited for sure and I do love the flavor and reference to the art from the first innistrad.

  • Ryū

    Dronepack has a nice ring to it.

  • Jonathan Mueller

    Oh god, the callback to the old artwork is what makes this reprint amazing.

    Reminds me of how they gave us Tormenting Voice once with Sarkhan, and once with Ugin.

  • Jaya

    The once hunter turned into hunted.

  • Elijah Bones Stewart

    That’s it… That’s it… Come closer… (Gobbles Power Pellet) Muhahaha! Ironic isn’t it. The hunter has become the hunted! Hahahaha!!

  • MTGFanatic

    Great artwork. Werewolf preying Man. Now, Eldrazi preying Werewolf. Whats next, Zombies preying Eldrazi?