• Kahai

    Here’s to getting a Raze and making BR land destruction a thing. :3

    And Pain and Suffering too!

  • Christopher Lacey

    Yee nice to see vintage and legacy burn cards reprinted.. price of progress was too exepsnvie to be honest..

  • Nick Sessums

    Not a limited thing so far but commander anyone

    • Kevan Kramer

      This was reprinted because of legacy burn.

      • Sheebson

        It wrecks in EDH too. Give the man some credit.

  • Happy The Cat

    inb4 they print no nonbasics
    red can’t get good cards so they might do it, or at least rare only nonbasics

    • Samuel

      well they did……… but they were the nonbasic’s nobody wanted (aside from three)

  • Duncan McHardy

    Honestly legacy burn was cheap enough already. They did not need to print both price of progress and chain lighting at uncommon.

    • davee

      yes they did. every format needs a cheap intro deck. Hope you like playing against bern in legacy for the next year or so