• NobleGhost117

    Yay! More Cat tribal! Now we just need a WG Commander.

  • Kevan Kramer

    I like the way they are exploring the exert mechanic in this set.

  • Jay Kilian


  • Brandon Bilodeau

    This card is insane.

    • Jay Kilian

      Well, exert takes a turn off so it’s a little less amazing. Also, the cat doesn’t have trample or anything like that. But is still very solid.

  • Joseph

    This card IS pretty awesome :D

  • Soren Szilver

    THIS would make a decent cat tribal commander if it was legendary

    • Zombie

      Which is ironic because it would be nigh unplayable elsewhere were it Legendary.

      Without the Legendary clause this becomes a serious mid-game threat in even Modern.

      G/W Hatecats is actually possible.

      Leonin Arbiter, Fleecemane Lion, Qasali Pridemage, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, etc.

      And a single token Aven Mindcensor for the cats to chase.

      • Soren Szilver

        Somehow I doubt that deck would be any more viable than say rage forger Aggro or maybe orzhov tokens. None of those cats have trample or evasion and dies easily to removal (I know, but still). The only tribes that work well in modern have an absurd amount of low curve lords (merfolk) or absurd combo potential (elves). Tribes with only 1 or two good lords don’t cut it in modern, as has been shown with the sharp fall of rage forger decks and some other super-fringe tribes.

  • Shagoth

    That sounds lame. He’s the most obvious token commander, also there’s lots of great, non token cats.

    • jochen

      needs to be Naya anyway so we can use all the Ajanis

  • name moniker

    in the art it is a 9/9? 3 cats to its left, 2 cats to its right, and two more cats above it?

  • Pandancules

    I need this in my life

  • Derpsen

    My Kitten Deck is getting better and better!

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    This seems like a limited bomb.

    • Jay Kilian

      Without a doubt.

  • Jay Kilian

    There is a paradox engine anointed procession trick in here somewhere.

  • Ants Johnson

    I’m not gonna ask about the flavor connotations of exerted tapping to create baby cats.

    • Caleb Martin

      Try house-ruling it do that you can only activate that ability if you control another cat. And forget about the fact that leonin have the subtype cat

  • Jay Kilian

    Also, beyond the awesomeness of the card is some ferocious art.

  • CMK

    It’s the circle of liiiiiiife!

    • A Lion King would be a nice commander when we come back to Dominaria (incl. t Jamuraa )

  • Happy The Cat

    … isn’t exert a “when you attack” effect?

    • Animar, Elemental Master

      No, it’s been expanded on by wizards that exert can be part of a cost. The exert on Amonkhet cards was treated as a triggered ability.

    • Hedronal

      It was, but was expanded to cover double-tap on creatures in general. The wording may just exist this block though.

  • Jude

    …moment you realize that this is a 3 drop 2/2 with the ability to, ater one turn passes, become a 4/4 with 2 more 1/1s….hi there incremental value on board. We needed that for kitties .3.

  • Árpád Veréb

    I’m pretty sure one of the new commanders will be cat tribal

  • Gord

    Lord the cats it makes have lifelink – this gets out of hand

  • Caleb Martin

    Amazing. We just need a few more things from the set. A legendary Selesnya cat, and an orzhov zombie commander with a mono red activated ability, a mono blue activated ability, and a mono green activated ability (this way it could be used for any color combination involving orzhov, since we likely won’t have a better chance for white zombies)

    • Yes… we need a commander in this block – sadly Wasitora, Nekoru Queen is the wrong colors for playing the white catlord

  • Edward

    This with Regal Caracal seems insane. The cats made by this will be 2/2’s and when Caracal enters the battlefield it brings 3 cats including itself as well as pumping this an additional +1/+1 because it is a cat. That would make this at least a 6/6 with lifelink if you have no other cats besides this when you bring out Regal Caracal which is unlikely considering this cards ability. Then just add Prepare// Fight and you can deal a lot of damage.

    • Random Guy

      Honestly cat tribal will probably be standard-viable. Regal Caracal was practically an Ishkanah, this is a very good card, the 1-drop is good, metallic mimic is good.

      • Edward

        I hope so. There are a lot of good cards so far. Initiate’s Companion, Prowling Serpopard, Sacred Cat, and Regal Caracal from Amonkhet are all good. From Hour Of Devastation we have the Double Strike cat with Eternalize and this so far. There is Watchers Of The Dead for a good side board card against graveyard heavy decks. There is also Longtusk Cub from Kaladesh and Scrounging Bandar from Aether Revolt. We really only need like 1 more good cat to push Cat tribal

        • Random Guy

          Actually on second thought I don’t think it’s quite that good. None of the cards except this one are top-tier, Caracal is worse than Liliana’s Mastery, Sacred Cat worse than Relentless Wanderer, Serpopard worse than Thriving Hydra, and Longtusk Cub doesn’t fit. Hmm…

          • Edward

            Caracal isn’t worse than Liliana’s Mastery. If anything it is better. It is easier to recur, you can use cards to exile it and bring it back for more tokens, it gives lifelink as well as +1/+1, and it spreads out the power across ore creatures. The only real weakness is that if Regal Caracal is destroyed you are left with only 2 1/1’s with lifelink. Sacred Cat is definitely not as good a Relentless Wanderer because it can only be brought back once. Also Thriving Hydra? There isn’t a card by that name that I have seen . I assume you mean Honored Hydra and the 2 cards aren’t even comparable because they serve different purposes.

          • Nikolai Anzuoni

            They mean bristling hydra. Thriving usually refers to energy creatures.

          • Edward

            Bristling Hydra is nothing like Prowling Serpopard except for them both being 4/3’s so I don’t see why they would compare the 2. I was assuming they meant Honored Hydra because you can get a 6/6 with trample for 4 mana if you embalm it which is better than the Serpopard power-wise

          • Shagoth

            Caracal brings more power and gives everyone lifelink!

          • Random Guy

            It’s quite a bit weaker than Ishkanah since it typically gets removed AND summons one less token.

          • Shagoth

            I thought you were referring to Liliana’s “Expertise.”

          • Random Guy

            Oops, I was. Liliana’s Mastery.

            Caracal is better, but much easier to remove. Hard to say how significant the “dies to removal” weakness is, but I feel that it’s significant enough that Caracal ends up slightly weaker.

            While Bristling Hydra is different from Prowling Serpopard they generally serve the same purpose as anti-control beaters, and Bristling Hydra is way better at it. Hexproof trampling 5/4 (plus more) is no joke. Non-hexproof 4/3 that stops counterspells is mediocre, even if it costs 1 less mana.

        • Hedronal

          Don’t forget Anointed Procession, given that this, Regal Caracal, and eternalize cat make tokens.

  • Alex Yaeger

    It always bothers me that Wizards thinks cats should be White/Green and not Black/Red/Blue.

    • Gareth Martin

      Cats are a stalking predator. Seems green to me. Same as tigers and leopards.

      • Alex Yaeger

        Nah, cats are evil, destructive, and manipulative. ;)

        (I’m being facetious of course)

        • We may see a Block with Black/Red/Blue catwarriors (again) since cat warriors was naya ( Green/Red/White) + Black… So finally Cat Warriors are possible in all colors even cats hate water ( so blue-hate blue cards maybe ^^)

          In MTG their intelligence ist just primal…
          In a Set about your Life with your cat its may blue

    • jaya

      They should be white/green for sure, mby red, the colors are associated primarily to the terrains, and we find most of cat species in forests and plains/savannas so its 1 of the few things wizards got right lore wise.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    This is sure the…CAT’S MEOW.

    • MrAptronym

      It seems really PAWrful.

  • Random Guy

    6/6 blocker? Pretty good.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Perfect example of why brimaz should have given all cats vig instead of making tokens with vig, that being said where’s my gw or Naya cat legend?

    • Sam “Billy” Rosenberg

      This might not work how you think? Not sure.

      • Vizzerdrix

        It does what I was referring to is I’ve always wanted brimaz to give cats vigalence where he has it and makes tokens with it, if he did this card with him would be amazing, swing with vigilAnce which standard you can do with always watching once it’s declared as an asked attacker exert it then it doesn’t matter if it’s tapped. It doesn’t get around being tapped like the amonkhet ability but it still let’s you attack with more power

        • Sam “Billy” Rosenberg

          Got it, yep! Sorry about that!

          • Vizzerdrix

            Though I wasn’t thinking about the new mechanic still limiting what you can do compared to the other mechanic where it simply doesn’t untap and doesn’t require being tapped

  • Aurore

    It’s like a big middle finger to all cat tribal EDH decks.

    • alexander macrae

      Because it’s not legendary? I think we just need to wait. They made a legendary Spider just because people asked for one. I think a legendary cat lord will happen . . . eventually.

  • Dghcf?bgxfvhh

    We need a GW Cat commander

  • Econ

    intruder alarm + pride sovereign + mana creature / paradise mantle ==> infinite tokens, infinite mana ==> maybe an alternative win con in cats tribal

  • kmk888

    It seems they are actually trying to make cats work in constructed. I won’t hold my breath, but a beatstick that can also make a board state by itself is certainly powerful.

    • Random Guy

      Actually I found a valid comparison: Sram’s Expertise.

      This card is not very good.

  • Abando Eneru

    no competitive cat deck yef