• Dr. Burn Crow

    This intrigues me. I think I like this Mini-Karn.

  • Jalais

    So if you’re in magical christmas land with 10 mana and 2 cards already under this thing, can you get 2 more under before it flips?

    • Justus Bruestle

      I think if you put them both on the stack at the same time they would still both resolve? Maybe IDK.

    • Hedronal

      Yes, that works. It only transforms once due to technical rules from Shadows block, and multiple exiles are possible. 15 mana for 3, etc.

    • Edward

      I have seen another translation that say “you may transform it.” I don’t think that is really broken seeing how much many you need to put tn to this to do so then pay more to get the cards.

  • Hedronal

    I’ve got to say this, limited destroyer. Two colors but still, repeatable exile into stealing.

    • Hexilon

      Two mana colors are not a problem. You are most likely to draft deck with 2 mana colors becouse you get more options and more good cards.

      • Hedronal

        Yes, but only so much of the time would they both be the same as this. Splashing is possible, but puts this solidly away from other cards for drafting purposes.

  • Happy The Cat

    Hmm… Esper Starfield featuring Training Grounds and on board actives… that also brings up an interesting note, both this and the backside both specifically state Creatures in current translations, but if something like Gideon or a man-land gets exiled you don’t get to use it, since they would not be creatures. They do count towards this side’s total however.

  • Chaospyke

    With the current translation, I kinda like it but I hope its repeatable past 3. Three creatures is just too limiting really.

    • Bostorket

      I suppose you can exile as many as you can afford to, but once you’ll hit a 3-count or higher you’ll have to exile them all at once.

  • wiseguy

    Trash card is trash. Waaay too mana intensive for the payoff.

  • TogetherAlone

    WOW the math on this card makes this so bad. Just getting to steal/ save one creature you have to invest 22 mana. So thats 22 mana and tapping this(basically 23 mana) to ramp you one land, and remove 3 creatures.