• Mitchell Eide

    Does this make Kefnet playable?

    • Kahai

      If their own trial couldn’t do it, i don’t think so.

      • Zeb Jaffe

        I disagree with this assessment. The Trial is awful for innumerable reasons, as far as Standard playability is concerned. Kefnet the Mindful has a lot of issues that are going to require a major meta shift to get her into the Mainboard. As for a sideboard option, I like this card against control and midrange matchups where your opponent will have trouble removing an indestructable 5/5. There, the card advantage will be advantageous and the body will replace or fill in your Win-Condition package post-board.

        TLDR: Being able to draw more cards isn’t what Kefnet needs to become good in Standard. So no, this spell does not make Kefnet much more playable.

        • Kahai

          That’s not what i meant.

          WotC made the blue god require cards in hand, all draw mechanics and cards ‘support’ the blue god.

  • Kameenook

    UU discard a card. 1UU loot. 2UU catalog. 3UU pore over the pages. Scalability is nice, seems mediocre, but not terrible.

    • Luca Maggiolo

      i don’t think this is mediocre, and surely not terrible. I think it can find place in some control-devoted modern deks. It is much stronger than Sphinx’s Revelation, since paying same mana cost it allow 1 more dig and also discard (which can be used at your own favor), giving up only some lifes. moreover is also less mana restrictive that Sphinx’s R, i’ll consider this for grixis control and maybe….also side for delver?

      • Giby86 .

        Stronger than Revelation? What? You’re joking, right?

        • G Cartet

          Stronger in specific situations. Loosing that (w) mana does a lot to open its availability to slide into more decks , plus that one extra draw could be what certain decks need. Its not strictly better, but in many situations, it has a leg up on REV.

        • Luca Maggiolo

          Cartet got my point, moreover i think that those “specific situations” are the most common. IMO this is stronger than REV: lifes u’d get are more relevant against fast decks and in that case REV gives it’s worst. REV is important mostly in grindy matchups, in which lifes are not your first problem, and the advantage that Pull from Tomorrow give can be determinant (draw 1 more card and maybe discard the 15th land)
          Last but not least, REV is UW, this is U, and difference is significant

          • Giby86 .

            Yeah, but Revelation gives you a huge buffer. You’re about to lose against a deck that’s racing you, and all of a sudden you’re no longer at 2, you’re at 12. And with a full hand. This one refills you, yeah, but if the opponent is racing you, you might be dead anyway, even though you have a full hand. That’s the power of Revelation.

  • Kahai

    Hoping we get some chronomagic this block! :D

  • Rovkir Hexus

    I’m still doing the thing where I see cards that would go well with Tutelage and think “Oh, I should build a mill deck with that.”

  • Arran Haigh

    Remember standard with sphinx’s rev? Sure this doesn’t gain life but if life is that important take a turn after to double blessed alliance and gain 8???? This with new gideon as a finisher plus protector and obligatory gearhulk glimmer counter package puts UW control back on the map right?

    • NC

      iirc the lifegain was pretty important to making sure you could hammer the nail in the coffin, but rdw isn’t here to push the issue either so it might matter less.

      • MrAptronym

        Yeah, people tend to hate on lifegain, but sticking it onto the draw was very useful in stalling things out a little.

    • God Enel

      Nope, control decks also need efficient counterspells and efficient removal, and there are none of those in Standard.

      • Arran Haigh

        we have tonne of efficient removal, blessed alliance stassis snare and immolating glare are all rlevent instant speed threats. Dec in stone is also good and essence scatter is back which is great alongside having negate; 2 of each main board then adjust ratio post board. Also dissallow and void shatter are fine counterspells

        • God Enel

          Blessed Alliance can’t target the creature you want to kill, Stasis Snare costs 3 mana, Immolating Glare requires attacking creatures, those are all bad and are only played because all the removal spells in standard suck and there’s nothing actually good. 3 mana counterspells are not good counterspells.

        • Together Alone

          stasis snare is an irrelevant card now that we have cast out and it hits everything don’t forget!! White also has 2 good board wipes now in fumigate and the new aftermath card.

          • Caleb Halbrook

            Stasis snare is in no way irrelevant… it’s 1 cheaper than cast out and is much better against creature decks, cast out will be better against strategies with planeswalkers, marvel, neither of which are relevant decks in standard right now. Snare is still better mainboard for control decks

          • Nikolai Anzuoni

            Planeswalkers aren’t relevant??!?!? We have a top deck NAMED after a planeswalker and another that sideboards into super friends

          • Caleb Halbrook

            I didn’t say planeswalkers aren’t relevant. I said creature decks are more prevalent, particularly aggressive ones, which boosts the playability of snare over something like cast out. Cast out will probably be great sideboarding for decks that sideboard into superfriends builds, I’m just saying that snare seems like it’s the more mainboard-able of the two. You were saying that snare is irrelevant despite the fact that all we’ve gotten this set is overpowered creatures. The new Gideon will probably be best in an aggressive deck because 3cmc 4/4 with indestructible is a great finisher, something which snare takes care of on the draw and cast out would not.

          • TogetherAlone

            um have you seen standard lately?
            every deck has planeswalkers lol that or another permanent type that must be answered

  • Brad Miro

    It’s not a bad card but it has antisynergy with Torrential Gearhulk, which will probably limit its playability.

    • Together Alone

      how so does it have anti synergy when you are only going to run one or two of these in a control deck anyway? this is like a better opportunity as you get to dig 4 cards down for the same mana cost at instant speed. Also on top of that it can put the cards you do want to put in the grave for torrential.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, it’s more of a nonbo than antisynergy , since this would draw 0 then drop 1, being that you can’t pay x. what he is pointing out might actually be a factor, to the point that this loses a slot or two for things that hulk can torrent.

        • Brad Miro

          Nonbo is a better word choice. But yes what I’m saying is that a deck that would want to run this card would probably also want Torrential Gearhulk in it, but it can’t be flashed back with x as anything other than zero. I’d rather play a glimmer (that sort of digs 4 anyway). It’s similar to why mardu and mardu green decks chose to play Read the Bones over Painful Truths with Goblin Dark Dwellers back in KTK

          • Happy The Cat

            I mean you can run both in the same deck, they kinda do the same thing, give you more stuff to cast. if you have cast this chances are you have stuff in your hand, or you’ve cast that stuff in your hand and now have more targets for hulk.
            My guess is any deck running these two will have six total from both, be it 4-2 or 3-3. simply because both of them cost quite a bunch when used right, them not working together is entirely made up for by how much they both can do separately.

      • Opportunity is an instant.

  • Happy The Cat

    well,I mean they put his name on it, guess I have to put this in my Tomorrow edh.

  • Jay Kilian

    Ooh, man. SaffronOlive will slide this into his Inspiring Statuary deck and draw a gazillion cards.

  • Jacob Koon

    The playability of this card is straight up stupid. You know the last time we saw a draw spell that was an instant and had X in it’s cost? Sphinx’s Revelation. And the amount of play that saw was absurd. This will see play as at least a 2 of in control decks and I could see it being higher very easily.

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    Well, this is getting slipped into all of my EDH decks with blue in them.

  • Julna Buras

    Yes please.

  • kmk888

    Great card, absolutely certain to see play in Standard and older formats. My one complaint is how awkward this is with (IMO) the best control card in Standard, Torrential Gearhulk.

    • Jacob Bachand

      Agreed, Wich is why I’m testing 2x of these in my Esper Control Deck in place of Painful Truths. Gearhulk works great with Glimmer, and Glimmer is way better from t4 to t6. This card will be great after you’ve exhausted all of your removal/counters and need to refill. I think 2 works the best if you’re playing Torrential Gearhulk. If there is enough “good” permission and a stronger finisher to make a true draw-go control deck, then I could see 4 of these.

  • kinYa

    what happens if i play this with the tamiyo emblem ?

    • Julna Buras

      Field Researcher? Not anything helpful; playing cards without paying their mana costs means that X must be designated as zero, meaning you’d discard a card and that’s it.

    • Happy The Cat

      moon sage, you draw x and discard a card, then return this and the discarded card to your hand.
      Field Researcher, you get two options, pay it’s mana cost to draw x and drop 1 since the emblem says “may” or you cast it without it’s mana cost draw 0 drop 1 since X would be 0

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Really, really awesome in reanimator EDH. Great in control EDH. Fantastic in limited.

  • Shagoth

    Well, people wanted control. Personally, I don’t think Brainseiger (or however you spell it) was very OP, but it’s still a very good and solid card. Will make control a thing, and if you play this right, discarding a card won’t matter too much most of the time.

    • MrAptronym

      Braingeyser was a sorcery. Going to instant speed is a signifigant upgrade worth the discarding a card. I’d say this is on par with Blue Sun’s Zenith, maybe slightly ahead. This goes one deeper, Zenith goes back to library which is situationally useful.

      • Shagoth

        No one talks about how since you’re seeing new cards, each mana is equal to a card, and Sphinx’s Revolution/Blue Sun’s Zenith costs one mana more, so the discarded card is exactly equal to those in most circumstances.

  • Derek Niles

    this is gold. But I have a great idea, ready? Add a white mana to the cost to make you gain life as well. And we could make it based on some creature in Egypt lore. Like I don’t know, just throwing an idea out there, a sphinx

    • Julna Buras

      *sigh* If only.

    • Robert Burns Jr

      this is gold….thanks for the laugh, and enjoy the pun ;)

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Good thinking. But we should probably lose the discard and maybe bump it up to mythic? I think?

  • ningyouNK

    3 mana: +0 card
    4 mana: +1 card
    5 mana: +2 cards
    6 mana: +3 cards

    I don’t get why it’s good, it doesn’t look very mana efficient to me O_o

    • Julna Buras

      Ever heard of Sphinx’s Revelation? It’s the same basic principle: an instant-speed mana sink that you can tap out for at the end of your opponent’s turn if you don’t need to counter or kill anything.

      • Bostorket

        Even if you do! But you also need to refill your hand.

        Also, madness will still be a thing for a bit.

    • Robert Burns Jr

      Because this will be used in a very slow paced deck that will EoT use it for 10 mana to refill a hand and probably madness the discard away or just pitch a land back

    • Karl Comrodd

      Baral laughs at you.

    • MrAptronym

      Remember that looting is better than +0 baseline. Additionally, this is instant speed so it can be done after holding your mana open on your opponent’s turn.

      Mostly though, X spells don’t need to be super efficient, they make up for it with versatility.

    • Kezvin

      EOT on turn 12, I cast Pull from Tomorrow, drawing ten and discarding one for a net gain of +9 cards going into my untap. Are you, as my opponent, really going to be okay with that because it wasn’t “mana efficient”?

      The scary part is that with a properly built control deck, this could realistically happen in a game.

    • Shaun Mati

      its cause you dont know anything…sorry but everyone had the same exact reaction to sphinxs revelations. No joke i remember exactly when that set came out and even 3 weeks after its release sphinxs rev was a 5 dollar mythic. This blue card doesnt gain you life but never under estimate a card thats nets you cards at instant speed. and looting is much better not that we have drake haven.

  • Winter Trabex

    This card will make control work. Standard is going to be boring and painful around February of next year after four whole sets rotate. Expect a ban to come down then.

  • MrAptronym

    Hmm, I might see this as an upgrade over Blue Sun’s Zenith in some of my decks. Digging one deeper is probably worth the shuffle in effect, this one is actually easier to recur.

    • Ryan Sullivan

      If you’re running blue sun’s zenith as a draw spell instead of an infinite combo to mill an opponent out, you aren’t playing zenith right.

      • MrAptronym

        Eh, I play a mono blue EDH deck that has access to a lot of mana. Also my group discourages combo. I think Zenith is one of the better instant speed draw spells in the format. I’m curious as to what you’d replace it with, something that sticks around on the field?

  • Bostorket



    • Julna Buras


      • Bostorket


  • OMG

    The art is pretty stupid, though…

  • galen150

    feel like the name would fit more if it said something like “at the beginning of your next upkeep, discard 2 cards”

  • Robert FakeLastName