• Baggsy

    Anti-skulk weaponry ;)

  • Chaospyke

    I really wish this art was an actual angel creature.
    Feels wasted as is

  • lunchboxninja

    Does anyone else thinks this will be played in modern? RW control (although its already getting new Nahiri and desolation in stone) is always happy to get new cheap removal and this hits delver, level 3 goyf ( which is most common; creature instant land) bob, firewalker, Kalitas, uktabi drake, wall of omens, equipped squadron hawk, and eldrazi displacer, mimic (untransformed) low level endless one…the list goes on. For two mana, very small restriction. I know I’m gonna be playing it.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Immolating Glare usually is better.

    • Kotadis

      Conditional removal is actually really bad in modern. Why play it if you have cards like terminate? White has path to exile, which is almost infinitely better than this- most decks dont even have more than like 2 basic lands anyways in modern.

      • lunchboxninja

        Well, yeah. Path is great. I’m not saying this over path, I’m saying this AND path

    • Happy The Cat

      this… is a reprint. Rize of the Eldrazi. old art had a vampire getting shot through with a spear of light.

      • lunchboxninja

        Guess that answers my question then XD