• Jay Kilian

    Decent. Tap a Clue for two.

  • Derek Mullins

    Panharmonicon would love this, but it’s so janky :D

  • Perseus Johnson

    No rebel subtype. 0/10

  • Daedalus

    Winter Orb. Static Orb. Storage Matrix. Blinkmoth Urn.

  • Bostorket

    Pila-Pala and Training Grounds?

    • Marvin Sürig

      Strong as F*** and I tought about combining it with something like Basalt Monolith. For not Modern purpos I’d suggest the Heartstone because more artifact synergy. I also like Salvaging Station for the purpose because shooting all creatures with X/2 is nice :D
      It also fits in the infinity Myr untap combo where you only need 1x Manamyr (no matter which one) and 2x Myr Galvanizer.
      I still think Staff of Domination ist the best card for decks with this card because 1 Mana (any color) = 2 Damage

      • Bostorket

        I was thinking in more of a ‘drop this = game ends’ sort of thing, though even in modern Pila-Pala easily dies to a brisk gust of wind. Who knows :p

  • Jackson Means

    Put it on a Howling Mine and have some fun.

  • Tezzybros

    You: servo!, let me attach a cannon to your face!
    Servo: waht, no lol
    You: ok what about a rocket launcher?
    Servo: alright, now inject me with memes to become MLG

  • Gerald Homme

    I like putting it on Key to the City so you can get the draw on untap without discarding.