• Aurore

    I believe someone was asking for an enrage enabler?

    • galen150

      yea yea yea….

  • CMK

    That’s nice. Sweeps chumps blockers and triggers your Enrage creatures.

  • galen150

    well, i was sawing how i hadnt seen and enrage enablers, and now here it is

  • Edward

    If Dinosaurs become a thing in Standard this thing will be playable for sure. A 5/5 with trample in a relevant creature type would already be good but with the damage trigger that kills 1/1 tokens as well as enable Enrage this thing is amazing in the right deck. Also with Pillar Of Genesis getting spoiled now we have 2 mana ramp to help push Dinosaurs a little. Now with some cheap Treasure support the Dinosaurs high cost will stop being as much of an issue

    • Alexandre Donnart

      Pillar of Genesis > Ripjaw Raptor > This.

      • Edward

        A turn 3 4/5, a turn 5 5/5 with trample, and then you draw a card. That seems very good to me. The only problem would be relying on the ramp. The deck needs a good 2 and 3 drop Dinosaur. I would say the Dinosaur Thalia but I am not sure running White would be worth it for just that and the 1 drop that tutor and gains life. I guess we will have to see.

        • Alexandre Donnart

          I think it would. Playing 3 allied colors like Naya should be easier with the M10 lands. We will probably get more playable Dinos and just for this T2-T3-T4 synergy, I will at least give it a try.

  • Sebastian Wietheger

    next card inspired by hearthstone…. like pirates (whole game) and dinosaurs (Un’goro)
    I hate it how they copied each other ……

    • Bingo Boy

      I know it’s been said countless times, but mtg sets take about 2 years to develop, meaning it’s highly unlikely magic copied hearthstone. Not to mention that pirates existed in mtg way before hearthstone existed. Not too many pirates, but still.

      • Polis_Ohio

        I think this design is more along the lines of where Blizzard drew their inspiration, that is the real world mixed with fantasy, such as Dinotopia and Warhammer (likely the first dinosaur, pirate, mermaid, South American inspired civilizations setting).

        Hearthstone has been out since 2014, so the development explanation doesn’t quite hold.

        • Bingo Boy

          I gotchya. Still, Un’goro is a pretty recent thing, so I don’t think magic copied it.

          • Polis_Ohio

            Oh yea I agree with that.

      • Sebastian Wietheger

        i know that, too, but my problem is, that i wonder how many things are similar in the previous sets in both games. I love magic und sometimes i play hearthstone too so i see so many things which are similar and i dont care who “stole” / copy from the other…. but i think its too many to oversee it ( Ixalan and ungoro, C’Thun and Eldritch Moon plot/card design, many card for themself…)

        • Connor

          You know that Hearthstone gets its stuff from WoW, right? They are just pulling bits and pieces out of WoW for card sets. Any correlation is coincidental with Magic

    • NC

      It’s almost like people like pirates and dinosaurs

    • galen150

      i know, its almost as if pirates and dinosaurs are common in fantasy and people like them or something

    • Alexandre Donnart

      You get the award of the dumbest comment I’ve seen here so far. Congrats.

  • colin

    I really like this card. I wonder what the flavor says.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    This Dino is great with the enrage dinos.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This is insane for an uncommon. This will be a pivotal limited card for sure..

  • Hedronal

    So it gets etb instead of enrage, because it’s already angry. Also it wants to make its friends angry.

  • Derek Niles

    Triggers Enrage on everybody

    • Derek Niles

      read comments. everyone else is aware of this already. my comment enlarges the swarm of repeating comments.

  • Stephen

    He’s eating vampires in the art and will also kill all vampire tokens in this set when he enters play, a huge flavor win for me

    • Ashenmoor

      Flavour reads “carnivorous dinassours developed a certain taste for the flesh of the undead, tracking vampires by the smell of blood in their breath”

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    that’s one nifty dinossauro