• Kahai

    That aftermath spell!

    • KrakenHunter

      Edh nice

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    A little slow for standard and modern since you would only get one creature, but edh would love this

    • Zombie

      EDH already has literally every single card that does these two things, but better.

      If you’re playing this in EDH it’s because you’re either dirt poor ( in which case, you’re playing the wrong game entirely for that), or you like playing with cards that are absolutely terrible.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    I’m liking this set and its goal to produce as many EDH staples as possible.

  • Insight66

    Watch, they’ve been dumping “Izzet cost reduction” on us and they won’t even give them a good X to Y card

  • Nebulium

    Groupwide evangalize is nice for EDH, the rags side could be ok against the guy that overextends getting his 1,000 saprolings into play too.

    Also it looks like Sacred Cat bought a palace with all that life it saved up.

  • Zombie

    WOW that is horrible. A CMC 11 card that doesn’t justify even 2/3’s of that cost.

    Why are some of these split cards rare? They’re weaker than most of the uncommons in the set we’ve seen…

    • De’Elgathor

      “Designed for limited” is something I find myself saying a lot during spoiler seasons.

      • Shagoth

        Sometimes, when you see criticisms online, all of the defenses are the same three word explanations without explanation.

        • De’Elgathor

          Uncommons get pushed for playability and to focus draft strategies, so feel more situationally powerful.
          This set seems to hover around 2 toughness for good early game creatures so far, so playing Rags turn four wipes out a good chunk of the early limited clutter (including tokens, like the weird 4/2 Beasts and the 1/1 Insects). Later, when the bombs start dropping, you can force your opponent to give you something good by removing other options. I’ve participated in and have seen many games where both players have 15+ lands on the board, so casting both parts late in the game is also viable.

      • Zombie

        Every card is designed for limited, though.

        90% of the set being garbage in Constructed while the other 10% warp Standard is absolutely unacceptable bad set design.

  • Tolle

    First there was languish, 4 mana -4/-4. Then there was Yahenne’s expertise. 4 mana -3/-3. Now there is this, 4 mana -2/-2. I can’t wait for our 4 mana -1/-1

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      Cool. Except Languish did nothing but kill, the Expertise gave you a free card, and this has a strictly better Evangelize stapled to it.

      • Tolle

        I’m aware of the differences. I am just pointing out the similarities.

    • Gareth Martin

      Dumb logic you got there friend.

  • Aarhg

    Pretty nice. Definitely an EDH card.

    • Tolle

      I very much disagree. While the second half could be potent in a multiplayer game. At 7 mana from your graveyard it is kind of unwieldy and we have better options. As for the first half, -2/-2 is often nothing, taking out those creatures that are really there as ETB or death effect creatures anyway.

      • Aarhg

        This will take out a lot of utility creatures. It might not be insane, but If I was in the colors, I’d seriously consider this as a fun inclusion.

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        Actually, this card is much better than Evangelize because you don’t have to keep paying the buyback cost. Also, wiping all little tokens is pretty great when you want a creature.

  • Bacon

    It sucks, as the usual mantra in magic goes, giving your opponent a choice is never good.

  • NC

    Couldn’t even give us -1/-1 counters? Lame.

  • Shagoth

    No one mentioned the self synergy of destroying the worst options the opponent(s) could give to you.

  • Derek Niles

    would have been better at 2 -1/-1 counters….still lame

  • Miles Rinesmith

    This would be great in my Damia control Edh while I control the field I can draw cards and take my opponents creatures.

  • PrissyRose

    not the best card, the flavor is a major win though and you cant even argue otherwise.

    Kitty got a home <3

    • DarthinvaderIX

      Auto-include in cat tribal

  • Deadly Berry

    This is an ugly Infest on the black side, and a horrid Blatant Thievery on the blue side. Do not want.