Rakdos Charm - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Rakdos Charm

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Choose one – Exile all cards from target player’s graveyard; or destroy target artifact; or each creature deals 1 damage to its controller.

“Let all feel joy in pain.”

  • Tim

    Selesnya and Golgari are going to be hammered by this. Great card.

    • Dv1L

      Not so much selesnya…people forget Trostani makes the owner gain life everytime he/she puts down a creature.

      • Kevd101

        people forget trostani is a high priority card that will get killed

        • Dv1L

          Oh, of course. I totally understand that, but it’s all based on chance. I might play trostani by turn three and gain a considerable amount of life before he/she can get rid of her. or i might play her and she’ll die/get countered. as soon as she’s played.

  • FuntimeManchop

    Did Zoltan get tired from drawing all these charms? They’re slowly losing quality.

  • Nietstein

    meh, I like the other charms released so far better.  Particularly azorius and izzet.  Not to say it isn’t a good card that will surely see play. 

    • Andarien

       Selesnya charm is so much better!
      1) Instant buff +2/+2 with trample is always useful. Maybe 2 mana for that is too much, but it works much better that artifact destroying, that can just sit in your hand. And we know already some big guys in Selesnya that need trample.
      2) Exile target creature with power 5? Wtf? You are safe against any big threat. Dragons? Elementals? Guild leaders? Bunch of noobs, all are invited to exile. Want to buff your creature? Comon, now you are ready to exile and loose two cards. In special situations you can buff enemy creature to exile it.
      3) And if those two above are not needed you can get any time a 2/2 flash vigilance for 2 mana.
      What can you want more from a charm? All three abilities are useful often. Buff, creature or creature removal in one card? I’ll take it! Much better than Azorius, Izzet or horrible Rakdos.
      The best charm overall, especially for prerelease or draft.

      • Guy

        Long term the izzet charm is the best. Spell pierce, shock and careful study are some of the most versatile cards, the versatility warrents an extra mana. Pump? Who cares. Gererate a token knight? Ok chump blocker. Exile 5 or greater? Just can’t stop those bobs, mongueses, delvers and snapcasters.

  • Maxberzau

     this card punishes Golgaris assaisins hard!
    heavy counter for it…

    • Steve

       too bad assassins have to do combat damage to 1-shot a player

  • That’s so awesome….sorry you populating bastards!!!

    • Dv1L

      lol…well since w/g decks that populate also gain life when a creature they control comes down…and smart players will be populating fatty creatures…who is sorry? lol

      • Zjs

        Not really…unless they have Trostani out, but since token decks need to get a lot of them out quickly I’m thinking she’ll be too slow to be playable.

        • Dv1L

          She won’t be too slow…At all.

      • Wisdomseyes

        I think you, like so many people, need to look at populates paranthetical text more closely.

        To save you some time though, populate copies tokens you control. Now, suddenly, you don’t have fatties to populate.

        Still… I’ll agree with above, this charm isn’t as good as the others. And honestly, because I expected it to be lackluster, I am okay with it.

        • Dv1L

          I know populate only does tokens…But we have cards coming out like growing ranks, which synergize with parallel lives and seance, and if you have trostani out you gain life. Plus you have Planeswalkers like Garruk who has a plus 1 that brings out a nice 3/3 beast. and another Garruk that brings out a 2/2 wolf.
          Also, I know for a fact that sorceries or instants are going to be coming out to help populate along. Also my idea of a populate deck is going to be able to play Trostani by turn three and after that i can only keep my fingers crossed, because this game is a chance then skill kinda game.
          So how did you even get that i didn’t read the text. You thought i believed populate happens to any creatures? lol how the hell would i learn to populate without reading the parenthetical texts….
          So to save you some time…Stop. Assuming. 

          P.S. and the fact that most people don’t see how awesome this charm can be against specific decks, is saddening. The majority of decks out now are Zombie decks, or so wizard keeps showing.

  • srsbsnsman

    why ..just …why “exile all cards from target players graveyard”..-.-

    • Kevd101

      2 reasons:
      1. if you are playing against golgari and they have scavenge cards sitting in there graveyard you can stop that
      2. its great against flashback cards

      • srsbsnsman

        i know haha ..im playing golgari :P

        • Kevd101

          Then in the words of Rakdos “let all feel joy in pain”

    •  I can’t believe they’d dwarf Tormod’s Crypt like this. Flashback, unearth, scavenge, anything played from the graveyard. Definitely sideboard but a solid card.

    • i hate this, that will shut down my ability to easily pull out combo with Ghoultree + rancor or something else. :

  • dontejon

    nice!!! vs token decks!!!! its a great sideboard card!!!

    • Dv1L

      Not so much versus the newer token deck ideas, with trostani a player should have more than enough health to just laugh at the damage.

  • this feels rather underwhelming.

  • Flickerfan

    1- good against Frites decks and anything that uses a similar strategy
    2- with the Scars rotating out of standard its use is limited
    3- good against token decks, maybe you can build a loner deck around it?

    overall, the other charms are better IMO, but we’ll see

    • Zadder5

      the first and second ability plants it solidly in the sideboard for any Rakdos deck, the third has the potential to rec havoc in the right situations idk, I need to see more rakdos cards before I wright this off as a purely sideboard card, but i would have liked to see it have an “each player sacrifices one creature” ability or some such thing, but it looks like WOtC was focusing on making Izzet broken. 

  • Idonovan14

    1-counters Golgari
    2-random destruction
    3-counters selesnya

    underwhelming but not truly ‘bad’ just not ‘great’

  • Angstrom

    looks like a sideboard charm.   

  • Wisdomseyes

    can someone do me a favor… I have been posting on here since innastrad and I have been trying since then to register so i dont have to retype my email every time I want to post something. 

    will someone please give me some way to do that… :I

    • Zjs

      It should remember your info every time…

  • Gabriel Bales

    Pretty awesome against Selesnya.

    P1: Check out the 40 1/1 Saproling dorks I just spawned! Your face is their food next turn!

    P2: Rakdos Charm.


  • jadefang

    great now lets see the golgari charm

  • Santo

    suck it, snapcaster.