• Superwooper

    Why would they print the same card twice in one block? That’s weird.

    • Fael

      And why would they give three PW cards to the ssme Planeswalker in one block?

      • Hedronal

        Planeswalker decks, plus some story something or other and color balance.

        • Fael

          Yeah xD or something

          • Communist_Bear

            read the lore.

  • Sullivan Barthel

    Can someone explain why this needed a reprint?

    • galen150

      i think it was just put into both sets for draft

  • Absinthman

    I understand the reprint of Vampire Conquistador and like that they did it to preserve its meaning in draft, but this? Even though they might have good reason for this that they found through playtesting draft, it is impossible to advocate this to the player base. This will be considered a lazy design by most players no matter what Wizards say. Sad.

    • Communist_Bear

      It’s not only lazy, it’s cheap too ! Couldn’t at least give the reprints new art ?!