• Grant Jacobson

    I am not sure how but I feel that there should be some way to multiple 3/3s out of him turn 2 based off a 1 drop played previous turn…may come back to this later

  • Jude

    Pretty decent, fun in limited, crazy in commander (indestructability, shield of kaldra, nazahns hammer, draksteel plate and this lii
    Ttle guy is gonna poop out all the 3/3s)

  • galen150

    hm, so metalic mimic can make him come in with a counter, then ping him for 1 damage when possible? like that guy that can tap and exert to do 1 to a creature (from hour of devastation)? then he just pops out 4/4s over and over. best way i can think of off the top of my head :/ or you could just play it as a better doomed dissenter, chump once then swing in with a 3/3 trample.

  • Pocketfulofgeek

    The baby must be protected!

  • Chaospyke


  • Michał Zwierzyński

    Raptor Hatchling + Power of Fire, can token too?

  • Happy The Cat

    so, if you can give this one more toughness just once Pyrohemia and Rite of Passage can make a MASSIVE board.

  • Tolle

    Meh… wish this was a common.

  • Thomas Luffman

    This is the bushi tenderfoot of the set.

  • Bobit

    This is pretty good, I thought dinosaurs were going to be like dragons and mostly have high CMC cards.

    • ymmij X

      Dragons do have a single 2 drop as well but yea we’re getting some good low costed dinos… and some bad high costed ones. I wish there were a 7 drop dino i wanted to play because the turn sequence sun priest, dino mana dork, ripjaw, alpha, tyrant, blank, gishath seems pretty hard to stop. Also hard to play constantly but still.

      • Raimund Keller

        do not forget slumbering dragon. Dragons do have a 1-Drop! (Even though hes bad… but still!)

  • Alex

    Kinda funny how many of these dino cards resemble Un’Goro cards from Hearthstone. I’m almost sure I could recreate my Hunter deck in Magic now.

  • guy

    so…essentially, the mother shows up to find a dead baby?

    • DarthinvaderIX

      Not necessarily dead, but most likely, yes.

  • Derek Mullins

    I’m starting to see why they made creature ping a bit harder to do (i.e., the exert pinger from HOU)

  • aus10

    Still waiting on a 1-drop Dino. So close.

    • chataolauj

      This might be as close as you’ll get.

    • Daniel Scott

      Gotta be those little tiny dinos from Jurassic Park 2. Ideally as a rare so it can be good (maybe next set since I think we know all the rare for this one?).

      • aus10

        I just want a 1/1 with Haste or something like that. Doesn’t have to be super complicated. Just want a 1-drop Dino.

  • Marvin Sürig

    I want about 12 of those. Compared to this and the normal way of using it this is way better than Dragon Egg.

  • Darkray Accel

    This+Eldrazi monument+goblin bombard+outpostsige/warstorm surge
    Sure theres more combos.
    Good in standard too.

  • Geddon

    What even is this? It’s a 1/1 that makes a 3/3? I guess it’s not awe-inspiring, because a Wrath would just kill the dino and not net you the token. But still, this is making me want to brew up a kitchen-table Naya Populate deck real bad.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    I love this! If I fall for Babe (Brindle Shoat) then imagine how I feel for this card specially because I LOVE DINOS!!!

  • Murilo Mazza

    good against mono reds

  • Deadly Berry

    “Attack you with Raptor Hatchling”
    “I’ll block (2/2)”
    **Puts a 3/3**

    Should you block it? This little guy let’s you play with your opponent’s mind. Can’t wait for those lulz.

    • aus10

      No, you just take 1 every time, 1 damage isn’t significant. You leave it up as a blocker and if you got even 1 or 2 mana up he SCARY AF to attack into.