• Dr. Burn Crow

    An especially rare PepeFact.

  • Ultramegalord

    Green stompy or gw always watching? Green stompy would have decimator of provinces for an overrun effect. Gw has lots of army boosts

    • Someone

      How could mono-green stompy afford something like Decimator of provinces? 5 mana is already to much!

  • guest

    its a pokedex! :D

  • Columb

    At the beginning of your upkeep, scry 1.

    Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may pay G. If you do, draw a card

    • Columb

      “Locket of myths”

  • Baxter Stein

    This is so nuts in edh. This may be more powerful than sylvan library for my mono green deck

    • Zombie

      Comparing this to Sylvan Library is like comparing Shuko to Umezawa’s Jitte.

  • Sebastian Dobberstein

    oh please let this be a cycle…

    • Saturn

      We already got a cycle of artifacts on this set with the implements though, and we got the Expertise cycle too… kinda doubt there’ll be more but you never know

    • Kevan Kramer

      This is a cycle of cards that started with the last set, aka rare artifacts that have a color ability.

  • Xeonar

    Love the name, Rare Artifact. Because it’s an artifact that has a rarity of rare. So it truly is a rare artifact.

  • That Guy

    And there’s another fantastic edh card. I’m absolutely loving this set.

  • Erik

    Somebody didn’t take time to translate this. The name appears to mean something along the lines of “Lifemaker’s Fable”

  • Han Solo II

    I don’t believe that this name is correct.

  • Cthulhooo

    I would love if it’s name would be Rare Artifact xD

  • Kevan Kramer

    Ladies and gentleman, the Kaladex of Kaladesh!

  • James Cordova

    Modern elves is a solid tier 1 deck now ,not broken but this puts it over the edge from being a very good deck to something that you may want to watch out for.

    • Happy The Cat

      dunno, this is a bit too slow for modern elves, I’d play test it a bit beforehand before absolutely confirming this but elves can do so much more tribal shenanigans than scry one every turn and “creature spells have kicker G: draw a card” for three mana.

  • sansmyhands

    Yeah…so I haven’t been on the “the mythics in this set suck” train, but THIS should be mythic. Busted in limited, good in standard, busted in EDh and possibly modern playable. Egads!

    • Zombie

      This isn’t that good in Limited. It’s okay, but nowhere near busted. Spending one of your most critical turns (Turn 3) in both Draft/Sealed casting a 3 mana “does nothing this turn” artifact is a huge loss of tempo and quite a large sacrifice of board position.

      It becomes significantly better on Turn 5-6 when it allows you to get value out of a weaker 1-2 drop that was outclassed earlier in the game that you held in your hand, and then gives you decent incremental value afterwards.

      • Happy The Cat

        this card is good only because it’s ability to just snowball so much value onto every card. 9/10 times you aren’t going to cast this on turn 3 just because you are trying to build a board state, but if they have no creatures vs this or you got an early 2 for 1 this can almost win you the game just based on value.
        also this is getting a slot in that Paradox Engine combo deck in standard, almost certain.

        • Zombie

          “winning the game on value” assumes your Limited deck is filled to the brim with pure gas and not a bunch of chaff garbage.

          • Happy The Cat

            all you need to have is creatures because every creature spell has kicker G: draw a card with this out.

    • TheAweDude

      Then it would have to be called Mythic Artifact.

  • Pandancules

    “I got a Rare Artifact”
    “oh yeah, which one?”
    “no, that’s the name of the card”
    “whats the name of the card?”
    and so on…

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Holy hell this is good…

  • Shagoth

    Apparently, this will be a part of a cycle including Common Artifact, Uncommon Artifact, Mythic Artifact, Expedition Artifact, and A Card From Arabian Nights That’s On The Reserved List Artifact.

  • mehngo

    Several cards from this set make me want to try them out in Primal Surge Omnath, and this is definitely one of them. This with Temur Sabertooth can allow me to make this artifact a mana dump to draw cards, which is exactly what Omnath likes.