• Spyboy

    A tutor with a cycling effect is weird…

    • Jackson Means

      It makes a lot of sense, if you have the card you would tutor for already in hand then toss the tutor!

      • Hedronal

        Or if you need something you have a fair chance of drawing before you have tutor mana (ex land) then cycle it. Also if your only path to winning needs to draw a card and cast it immediately.

  • Kahai

    From google translate, it’s funny:

    Browse your library for a card and add it to your hand. Then scratch your grid.

    • Aarhg

      Haha, you probably got a letter wrong, becuase I also just Googled a translation; my Italian isn’t quite up to scratch.

      • Kahai

        lol i did, missed the s in rimescola. lol

  • Kahai

    Flavor text: The ritual of blood and done. The end is near.

    • Grant Jacobson

      or: The ritual of blood is accomplished. The end is near.
      (if you replace the ” e ” with ” é ” you get this)

      • Kahai

        Yeah, that would help. Though i do love how broken my original translation is.

        I wouldn’t expect demons to speak all that well lol

        • Grant Jacobson

          true tho, yours is much more memes

  • Aarhg

    Oh, cool. Diabolic Tutor for one more, but with cycling.

    • Zombie

      Dunno if that makes it playable, though.

      A 5 mana tutor without any other upside is pushing the extremely limits of what you’d pay to find a card.

      Diabolic Tutor was already doing the same at 4 mana.

  • Kahai

    N mana cycling is strong. :3

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      Agreed. While I think cmc 5 is generally too high for this effect, the ability to cycle for a single mana does add significant versatility.

  • Amestris

    “Browse your Library for a card and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle your library.” So it’s eventually Diabolic Tutor for one extra mana, in order to gain versatility. Honestly, this card isn’t that bad, although it most likely won’t see play in standard, depending on what meta is going to be going down.

  • TogetherAlone

    If this sees any play at all it will be in a cycling deck and nothing else. Also probably as a one of.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Wait, I thought he cut his arm with his claws. How many times has he used this technique? Is he just seeking attention?

  • Wangler

    If the format (draft) slows down at all this could be a decent (but not great) pickup. Cycling mitigates a lot of the downsides of having a second copy of your bomb handy. In sealed it should be pretty good, given how bomb-dependent the format is.

  • jaya

    Bad card, unlike the demon itself. Diabolic tutor is alrdy border line bad atm in competitive edh, this is just worse version so it wont see play at all in my cut throat group. And I cant see any use outside of EDH either, not for 5 mana…

    • Wheeloffortune_legacy

      Diabolic is trash in comp edh lol, vampiric tutor, demonic tutor, grim tutor, imperial seal are the real competitive staples, my.table only runs tier 1 comp decks and i own a copy of all of the above. Yes diabolic tutor is a budget demonic tutor but that doesnt make it borderline playable in competitive.. truly competitive edh iis extremely pricy, sometimes more so than legacy, and has no room for bad, high cmc cards like diabolic tutor… even infernal tutor, diabolic intent and entomb outclass diabolic.. “borderline” bad cards and competitive edh are not synonymous.. this card is also bad but it fits in cycling decks to draw a card for 1 mana and then cast it from graveyard, so its technically bettet than diabolic tutor in versatility.. but no theyre both bad, as is pretty much any tutor over 3 cmc if you are truly trying to be competitive it should never be run in place of its more powerful/faster counterparts

      • jaya

        When I said border line bad I meant its almost thrash, like you would be doing a great sacrifice to run it in competitive, I guess I expressed myself wrong, but yeah I just run vampiric, demonic, imperial and sometimes mystic. Depends rly, sometimes you dont even want imperial in, without question vampriric and demonic are the best.
        If your not ramping/setting up stax or w/e by turn 1-2 it might be alrdy over, so even cheap tutors are so so in competitive, you need to expect that by turn 4 ppl are going to start going off.

      • xxxx

        Don’t forget Tainted Pact. That is playable too ;)
        Can both “search” for a good card and get rid of your library if you have a lab man out. And at instant speed for cmc 2. Great card for 3+ color decks that can play only 2 basics of any color (1 normal and 1 snow).

  • Giby86 .

    This was my own preview! :3

  • galen150

    well thats completely trash, even if you want to throw it into cycle to tutor a new perspectives its only really passable at best.

  • Happy The Cat

    not that great, but thanks to cycling option combo decks can freely pick it up. not exactly sure if and where this might see play, since there are cards that do it’s parts better, but not many that do both. will see edh if it gets a full art version.

    • Gildan Bladeborn

      Unless they reprint this as a masterpiece in some later set (or suddenly start making textless Player Reward cards again), it’s not going to – we already know the two Game Day full-art promo cards (Abrade, Adorned Pouncer).

  • Leotamer

    One mana cycling is actually pretty powerful by itself. It basically means you are running one less card in your deck for each copy you run, and in commander, that can be pretty helpful. And then if you actually decide to use the card, it is over-priced but really powerful. I could see it in my mono-black commander, but it also produces an insane amount of mana.

  • Cynical Bastards

    not actually a ritual 0/10 don’t believe their lies

  • Random Guy

    Are you kidding me? Wizards please!

  • Caleb Martin

    As someone with little money to actually spend on decks, I like cheap tutors like this for my edh decks.

  • DarthinvaderIX

    new perspectives might actually want a couple for emergencies

    • ymmij X

      i’ll run one maybe 2 if i can fit it.

  • Oscar

    I don’t know about you guys, but I personally doubt this would have been broken at 4 mana. Yes, it would be a strictly better Diabolic Tutor, but does it matter? That card is played in neither limited nor constructed and WotC showed us in the past that they are willing to print strictly better variants of underplayed cards.

    I just wonder if we will ever see Grim Tutor again. Would something like this really be too strong for Standard/Modern?

    • Kaiser

      it could be

  • Shagoth

    Aw, dang it. They used a name from one of the color’s OP effects and put it on a fixed version of another OP effect.

  • Adam Malekhedayat

    I get not wanting to obliterate Diabolic Tutor, a card they just reprinted (Kaladesh), by making this 4cmc.

    Thing is, nobody gives a damn about Diabolic Tutor. Why did they reprint it in the first place? :|

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    could have cost 4 with a pay 3 life cost. 5 so steep

  • Hedronal

    To think, if someone (like the Gatewatch) had been able to stop him from bleeding into the river, or stop the blood in the river from reaching the end of it, this whole devastation might not have happened.