Reaper of the Wilds - Theros Spoiler

Reaper of the Wilds

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Whenever another creature dies, scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

Red Mana: Reaper of the Wild gains deathtouch until end of turn.

1 ManaGreen Mana: Reaper of the Wild gains hexproof until end of turn.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    I don’t know where the home is but this seems powerful. Am I wrong?

    • Red

      For sac decks maybe.

    • MordecaiAliVanAllenOShea

      If she comes out on turn 4 she is a sitting duck because you can’t hexproof her. and even if you can keep her on the board at this point her scry ability is meh at best. I mean what happens if someone board wipes and the card you want is top deck. Value lost. Scry 1 is not so good. Scry 2 however….

      She would have been better as a smaller creature, 2/2 for example for 2-3cmc. then she would have had some standard value. or at least if she was keyworded deathtouch and not have to pump for it she would be much better. As she is now, nothing more than a junk rare. Of course in EDH she will totally get abused, but then again too bad she isn’t legendary so she could be the general.

      2/5 stars

      • Silver

        If someone wraths the board you should get like 3 to 5 scry 1 triggers, that should be enough to topdeck something

        • MordecaiAliVanAllenOShea

          I agree. However scry 1 is not that great. If you are hitting a land pocket when you need a creature or spell it can be useful. this creature can be good as wipe protection but does become a target fast. Hexproof would have been better as a keyword not an ability mainly for the fact it forces the board wipe instead of the spot removal.

          Yes I am judging this card badly when it is a good card. But this set is not going to allow a good card to see competitive play. And of course I could be wrong. But right now I cannot see the value in this when there are better cards for the 4cmc slot or for scry.

          • Zombie

            “Scry 1 is not that great”

            Oh look, someone who either didn’t play Mirrodin block or who doesn’t know what deck filtering is.

          • MordecaiAliVanAllenOShea

            i think you post above was better. It gave a good example and was thoughtful. This comment is trolling for the fun of trolling

          • Zombie

            But seriously, though.

            There’s literally 1 Non- God 4- Drop creature that’s even CLOSE to how good Reaper of the Wild is, and that’s Polukranos.

            Oh… Oh my, what’s this? Reaper of the Wild can’t even be targeted by Polukranos? AND she can kill it for 1B, no matter how big it gets?

            We haven’t seen a single Non- God 4- Drop in the same colors that’s as good as this. Nothing that could even rival a slot in a Jund, BUG, or Golgari deck.

          • MtgMind-Welder98

            You have my vote :D

          • Ben Ehren

            have bow out and poli becomes some good wipe but yeah this thing will own

          • Zombie

            Bow of Nylea only gives ATTACKING creatures you control Deathtouch, so Polukranos would not get it when using Monstrosity unless you attack first. If he’s ever prevented from attacking the Bow doesn’t help him at all.

            And even then they could just kill him before you declare attackers, have a boros charm or golgari charm, etc…

          • Ben Ehren


    • Zombie

      She’s probably going to be best in Jund.

      Mizzium Mortars, wipe your opponent’s board, Scry 3-5 times on average.

      Seems good to me.

  • Matt Amerman

    I’d play her in Golgari control, even though Desecration Demon and Mutilate take the 4cc slot =/

  • This could get crazy. . .

  • CodyGozRawr

    Whenever another creature dies you get to scry 1, that’s EPIC!!!

  • Wangler

    I really like this. Now this is my jam.

  • Zombie

    Why hello there, sweet little beater for Jund.

    • Miro

      Love this.

    • Hi

      Actualy, I see a use in U/G/B! You have a good control deck with dissolve, putrefy, doom blade, Erebos, this thing, Thassa, Pilfered plans, Bident of thassa and tons more

      • Hi

        Also, it doesnt die to mizzium mortars, And you can use it with the new U/B planeswalker and Vraska, Far and Away, SOO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

        • Hi

          Prophet of Kruphix, Heroes downfall, and thoughtsieze! Jace (either one)

          • Hi

            Curse of the swine, Omenspeaker

          • Hi

            Abrupt Decay

          • Hi

            Gaze of Grannite

          • Hi

            Dimir charm, golgari charm, simic charm

          • Zombie

            Holy f***ing reply spam Batman.

          • Hi

            sorry, new Ideas kept comming

  • Kevan Kramer

    Not bad at all. Cant wait to see all color pairs get good rare creatures.

  • MtgMind-Welder98


  • Ben Ehren

    so you guys think a gorgon lieutenant thing will be in the next one?

  • Jarad

    not a zombie jund doesn’t want her