• Caleb Halbrook

    Damn like this is really really good right? Can it still target if you don’t have any creatures?

    • Jakub S.


  • Tolle

    Oh, interesting. Turns on enrage at best and at worst takes out an opponents creature while you put the 2 damage on a 3+ toughness creature

    • That Guy

      Your definitions of “best” and “worst” are strange.

      • Tolle

        You want to hit your own creatures when they have enrage. Doesn’t mean they’ll die. Imagine having that 5/5 with enrage out that exiles things when you cast this. Happy Christmas land here I come.

    • TogetherAlone

      So long as your opponent has a creature as well, requires both targets to be there as this resolves or it fizzles.

      • Tolle

        Um… No. It requires both targets to be there as it is put on the stack but as long as there is a single target left the spell will do as much as it can. It only will be countered if both targets aren’t there.

  • MrFacehug

    This is insane for one mana!!

  • Jay Kilian

    Gotta have a creature on both sides to be castable, but strong support for a dino deck. Clears the way and enrages your beast.

  • Grant Jacobson

    a less reliable bone splinter?

    • Random Guy

      If you’re saccing a creature you’re doing something wrong.

      A Lightning Bolt variant that deals 1 more damage, only targets creatures, requires you to have a 3-toughness creature, and also triggers Enrage.

      Best case is a superior Bolt and an ability trigger, worst case is doing literally nothing.

      • Bostorket

        Boros Reckoners might enjoy it too.