• name moniker

    if you have izzet mana colors and 3 mana up at the end of your turn then assuming they pay the cost on their turn then their lands will still be tapped down when it gets to your turn, so you can nearly always take them out of a color for just 3 mana when your lands untap during your turn.

  • Kahai

    idk how i feel about this… I really dislike that all the aftermath abilities are at sorcery speed, especially when many of their effects are originally found on instant spells.

  • MTG fan

    This is strong! I love the aftermath ability.

    • Cthulhooo

      3 Mana bad cancels are usable?

      • Hedronal

        This is three mana mana leak with red land sleeping.

        • Cthulhooo

          And 3 mana mana leak is trash.

          • Random Guy

            Even if it draws you a red land sleeping card?

          • Happy The Cat

            so, what one drops are you playing turn 4? mind you can’t play more than one, cause it will get leaked.
            and if you don’t play anything, the control deck you are playing against will use the mana to draw with their Kefnet, since didn’t challenge board and they probably killed your other one drops.

          • Cthulhooo

            But if you can afford to run 3 mana counterspells isn’t disallow much better?

          • Happy The Cat

            disallow doesn’t tap you out of a color mid/late game when I dont have a kill spell in hand.

          • Hedronal

            Depends, for starters on how reliably you can get UU as opposed to U.

          • Cthulhooo

            Isn’t it better to just run disallow or void shatter? They seem more dependable and more powerful.

      • MTG fan

        More flexible/splashable than cancel. It also leads up to a massive mana shutdown if used correctly.
        Edit: Tormenting voice or Cathartic Reunion sounds fun with this.

  • Kevin Wickland

    I think I like this just for the fact that having one turn three buys me two turns for the price of 1 card in a UR control deck (their turn 3 to counter, their turn 4 with three lands tapped down) it at least gives you options

    • Hedronal

      For the price of one card and two turns, that is.

      • Kevin Wickland

        isn’t delaying exactly what blue wants though? Buying myself turns to stabilize sounds fine

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Rubble doesn’t tap lands so it’s only situationally good. You’d have to follow reduce with rubble to guarantee you get the most out of it. Even so it’s just an expensive early game time walk but you both draw a card and play a land… Okay so nothing like Time Walk I guess lol Could be an effective play against midrange decks I guess. You could get up enough mana to play two counters per turn. If you didn’t have to play red to get away with it, I’d be a little less critical

          • Kevin Wickland

            true, but I’m thinking even if you turn three this and keep rubble in your graveyard you’ve created a threat your opponent has to keep in mind, and you can always keep them locked out of a color mid to late game with it, plus with cards like electromancer in UR you can even reduce turn three and then electromancer and rubble turn 4, I’m not claiming it’s going to be format warping by any means, but I’d bet it sees play

  • Happy The Cat

    I mean it’s a good control card but there isnt enough good burn to make red viable for control. Soul-Scar helps but why would I pay 3~4 mana just to kill one target while white or black can wipe boards or exile any permanent, most of the time for less mana.
    if we get back good burn like flame slash maybe mana leak with mana denial would be viable, but right now you would be better off with esper control.

  • Kumrag

    Worse mana leak with a sorcery speed card attached all packaged in a terrible frame. I have to break my neck just to read it too. Thanks WotC

    • MTG fan

      Or you can turn the card sideways. I don’t want a broken neck.

      • Kumrag

        my phone disagrees

        • MTG fan

          Ever heard of lock rotation?

    • ymmij X

      Try looking it up on your phone or rotating the web page or copying it into an editor and turning it or picking up your laptop/ monitor and turnung it or reading the text printed on another spoiler site. Also i’m totally looking forward to this + as fortold freezing my opponent for no cost to me. We need more counterspells in standard for the blue god to work

  • Insight66

    I’ve got a soft spot for any Izzet designs, they really Melt // Heart

    • lolwat

      Melt to Heart?

      • MTG fan


  • Blahblahblahbla

    This is going to be a dead card in your hand if you’re playing blue since it’s ththe only remotely playable blue aftermath yet and every time you draw it your op will know you have it when they hear your neck pop as you strain to read it.

    • MTG420

      Kinda. You don’t need the aftermath until it’s in the graveyard lol

    • ymmij X

      You cant memorize “freeze 3 land”? The point of printing it sideways is that when in grave you turn it sideways as a reminder you have an extra toy waiting.

  • KrakenHunter

    I’m not sure if I like it or not.

    • MTG420

      I can’t wait to play all this in Limited and find out :)

  • Tye

    This would be sweet to U Gearhulk into. Can counter a spell or EoT freeze their lands.

    • Anonim

      Rubble is sorcery so no way

      • MTG fan

        But it counts as both an instant/sorcery. I think you can play this free with torrential gearhulk.

        • Cthulhooo

          Yes, after Amonkhet hits you can do that with split cards.

    • MTG fan

      I think so. Don’t trust me on this, though.

  • Lebunny909

    Man, these x to y cards look so stupid

  • kmk888

    (Standard) These effects look individually playable and pretty powerful together if a UR deck interested in tempo exists.

  • Kameenook

    An overcosted mana leak like this would be fringely playable in modern if the aftermath did something. I just absolutely think that’s irrelevant, it’s a tempo play but without providing any actual cards, I think the tempo loss of playing overcosted mana leak is going to be bad enough.

  • Stephen

    I love this card for two reasons..

    Baral, Chief of Compliance and Goblin Electromancer

    overall will it see a lot of play NO

    however I can see this card being very niche card that will cause opponents to scream

    Also to the people that are like 3 mana just play disallow, because you dont need double blue for this and mid game a lot of players are not prepared to spend additional 3 mana plus shutting down 3 lands later is just mean. Your opponent will know you have the ability to shut down lands so they will be less likely to spend their only one of land (just to be countered again) and tapped out of for a turn.

    Essentially this card just says no mid game for you excuse me while I get more control cards to piss you off even more.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Red side should be Land destruction

  • Will

    This card does not seem so bad after playing it through. I have a U/R standard aggro/tempo deck that has been doing extremely well. Everything either has haste or flies and spams tokens (CMC maxes at 4). I set-up as fast as I can and play Throne of the God-Pharaoh if possible, with a little removal. This card has the ability to net me two turns to freeze the game just long enough to finish up. If nothing else this seems to be a nice side-board card :)

  • God Enel

    RIP land destruction.

  • James Cordova

    versatile tempo card. The counter wont always work but it will ensure that your opponent will only play a single spell that turn and ruble i suspect will end up being a time walk most of the time. of course the longer the game progresses the weaker this card gets. over all standard playable!