• Eli Mecham

    couldn’t this pass as an uncommon?

    • AustinSmith

      Doubt it. This is a limited bomb for blue. Also you’ve got Jalira at uncommon for potential synergy

  • Oiram

    Ahh, yes… Reef Worm.

    If there’s something memorable about C14, it wasn’t Containment Priest, or Song of the Dryads, or Ghoulcaller Gisa, it was Reef Worm.

    • Oiram

      I guess I might eat my words if they reveal any of the above, but that being said, I can’t figure out what Masters 25 realistically constitutes.

      • Aurore

        Those are all really bomb cards that warp limited though. They don’t want to risk that. Reef Worm, comparatively, is slow and easy to deal with if you aren’t building around it.

        • Oiram

          Well, that’s the thing. I feel like Reef Worm is probably the more draft-worthy of those three.

          Containment Priest would be a trick under the assumption that your opponents play tokens or reanimator (could be warping if one of the strategies is entirely focused on tokens/reanimating).

          Song of the Dryads is… well, it’s removal. I don’t think it’s any more dangerous than Beast Within or Oblivion Ring. That does make it a good card especially in Green, but then it gives them a land.

          Reef Worm, on the other hand, is a combined 18/19 for 4 mana in a colour that’s not known for giving you that power. If your opponent only has ground attackers, they might not attack into it out of fear of the growing threats. You need to use less common removal methods to deal with it, like Pacifism or Exiling (or bouncing once it’s died once). Otherwise, you’re dealing with 4 creatures in one card.

          Mind you, I’ll definitely give it to you that Ghoulcaller’s probably better. While it takes a turn to do something, making a pile of 2/2s from one creature can easily get overwhelming.

          • Aurore

            When we see what kind of removal outside of burn this set gets, it’ll be easier to get a judge on the power level of this.

  • Makarthekorokwarrior

    For some reason, this card always makes me think of that scene in Phantom Menace where the giant fish trying to eat Qui-gon’s ship gets eaten by a bigger fish.