• TomGalonska

    Yeah, The tron hate card we have been waiting for. Super bad but extremely funny. :D :D You want to cast Ulamog? Sure, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I think I like red’s idea of a counter spell.

    • Chaospyke

      But Glorious End..

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Another solid contribution for Red aping Blue.
        Red and blue is my favorite color pair and I love it when one learns from the other.

  • Dave

    Awesome card! Just having the second half lurk in your graveyard is awesome for mindgames.

  • Kingsdread

    I might be wrong but is this the first Aftermath-Card were the second half is an Instant not a sorcery? Also seems fun in Limited and EDH but i don`t know if its good enough for Standart or other Constructed Formats.

    • Kitnz

      This is indeed the first Aftermath card where the 2nd half is an Instant, and it is much appreciated. Great card.

      • TheAweDude

        Spring to Mind exists.

        • Kitnz

          Ah, true. I guess I was thinking Instant/Instant and missed that one since it’s Sorcery/Instant.

  • Biggy

    Is it possible for Cooperate to target itself? Thus player can copy this spell 1000x times – useful for some combos (or just to kill black crocodile demon ;)

    • Jackson Means

      Aetherflux Reservoir FTW

    • DJ Pad

      I don’t think so, unless you have 2 in your graveyard.

    • TomGalonska

      No, it can’t target itself because you have to announce the target before putting it on the stack. Also this wouldn’t up the storm count or kill the crocodile-demon, because you don’t “cast” the copies, you just put a copy on the stack.

  • NobleGhost117

    So if you target a split-cost card like this with Refuse, would it deal the total cost of both halves, or only the half that was cast?

    • TheAweDude

      As a card, a split card has the combined attributes of both sides.

      As a spell, a split card has the attributes of the side being cast. So Refuse would only deal damage equal to the side that was cast.

      • NobleGhost117

        Okay thanks! As a relatively new player, Amonkhet is basically the first block I’ve ever played with split cards, so the specifics are a little confusing to me.

        • TheAweDude

          They actually changed a lot of the rules around split cards, so many experienced people are also getting confused.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Loving the art.

  • Henkell

    Since the aftermath part is an instant, is it possible to cast Refuse, aftermath Cooperate targeting Refuse?

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      No because in order for you to be able to cast the Aftermath, it has to be in the graveyard. That can’t happen until Refuse Resolves as they are the same card.

  • Jordan

    Interesting addition to the Red color pie. However, I think 4 mana is far to expensive. On average, you’re getting 3-4 damage for 4 mana.

    • dodnyjv

      Red got Parallectric Feedback a while ago so nothing new.

  • Gregory Walter


  • Happy The Cat

    oh, what’s that? Aetherworks Marvel revealed Ulamog? okay, well, you are going to take ten, and I’m going to use the cooperate that is already in my grave(not part of the one I’m currently casting mind you) , and now it adds up to twenty. gg

    Honestly? I’d hate this card if it wasnt for Aetherworks. Rarely will this do much damage at all, sure it can kill from nowhere, but it’ll be sitting in your hand for a long time to do so. Cooperate does make up for most of it, since it’s a good effect and only costs one more than the normal in-hand versions.

    • TomGalonska

      But… but… Marvel is gone.
      And even against Marvel this wouldn’t be the answer. Would be funny (and everyone who casted Deflecting Palm an an attacking Emrakul the Aoens torn knows what i’m talking about) but not that effectiv, because the still would get an Ulamog with cast trigger.

      • Typhuzuzu13

        But you can be sure someone will make a freecast eldrazi deck. Or some form of heavy cast.

        “Oh, hey bolas. Before you hit the board, do this. Look at your player now back to me. Now look at your player now back to me. Look at your player. Sadly, your player is not me, because I’ve won playing a monored crush deck. (Or Izzet?! Haha… ok no, that wasn’t funny)

  • Grant Jacobson

    I might be wrong about this but when a spell is on the stack its cmc is equal to how much mana they spent on casting it (including additional casting costs). so front half is intended to punish putting a massive amount of mana into a spell?

    • joseph wunder

      Yes but remember when figuring out x spells x is 0 for the purpose of CMC

      • Not on the stack, when on the stack it is equal to the amount that X was declared while casting.

  • Murilo Mazza

    I think this card should be called Refuse // Resist ( m / )

  • Deadly Berry

    More fuel for EDH!

  • Jack


    Why are almost all the other split cards so superior to any of our U/R splits?
    I guess this has a purpose in EDH…but to me this reads…

    Red) Hit spell’s controller for next to nothing unless he or she is going to cast something unspeakable scary.
    Blue) Copy and cast target spell if it has not already killed you, or you have absolutely nothing else to spend mana on.

    • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

      You’ve never seen anyone ramp an x spell in edh huh?

      While it’s on the stack, x is included in the cost, in the right group, this could instakill a player.

      • Jack

        Sorry, I made an omission:
        I guess this (only) has a purpose in EDH.

    • Typhuzuzu13

      That’s a nice eldrazi you wanted to freecast there.
      It would be tragic if something were to interupt it.

  • raziel11

    will this come free with a copy of the MTG VHS game?