• Alexandre Donnart

    There has to be a way to abuse it. Like, I don’t know, Populate. A 4/3 for 4 is not what you want against all sorts of exiling cards.

    • Random Guy

      Ehhh 4/3 Flyer with Mini-Indestructible for 4 is alright, weaker than Bristling Hydra.

      There is a small amount of abuse because you still pull from the yard. But you can sac in response to an exile if you have an outlet. Or just sac it every turn regardless. But good standard sac outlets are rare as well.

  • Kahai

    damn i wanted an elemental phoenix!

    • Ashenmoor

      I wanted to use this and soulstoke too

  • Daniel Deadend

    With Anointed Procession you can double your phoenix lol

    • Eli Eyal Broide

      Only if you can copy a card into your graveyard first… :(

    • Jalais

      This doesn’t create a token. It pulls a copy from your yard. The egg will be blanked by Silent Gravestone or //Return for example.

      • Daniel Deadend

        I missed that. Too bad :/

  • Calvin

    The first playable Phoenix in a while.

  • Happy The Cat

    So it’s a four mana 4/3 that relies on a 0/1 surviving until your upkeep to come back. No haste, no combat keywords, no spell dodges, and it’s only evasion if flying…
    Kinda called the wasted slot, this just isn’t good, especially with grave hate coming out for God-Pharaoh’s Gift. not to mention the 0/1’s sac ability isn’t a may, so you lose a chump even after they exile this. oh, you get to come back next turn? BG has an aura that costs less than you that revives instantaneously, and then can reanimate anything for 3bg, and that’s a rare. Enrage has made a lot of AoE damage float around limited as well, so even where this should force a 2-for-1, they probably gain a bit of value on their end. There’s been a lot of worse cards, so I won’t call this bad, but I’m not calling it good.

    • Matthew Van Ginneken

      I think everyone here has missed the fact that this Phoenix returns with haste. This is a 4 cost that you use to block an attack on their turn, and then you get the token. They have to kill the token on their turn because the ability will trigger at upkeep. If they do get rid of the token, they just used mana and a card to remove the token. Otherwise you get a 4/3 flying haste. So it is better than I think people realize. The only real issue is exile, which, what can you do exile can hurt everything without hexproof

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Ehh, mediocre phoenix as always. The token is ballista fodder. At least it’s somewhat playable. There’s just so many better options already

    • DJ Pad

      Maybe one day they’ll print a legendary pheonix that doesn’t suck.

      • Hedronal

        Maybe it’ll even help fix more of them.

      • Shagoth

        Marco, Phoenix Seniora
        Legendary Creature = Phoenix
        Whenever Marco or another Phoenix enters the battlefield from your graveyard, it deals damage to each opponent equal to the number of disappointing flaming bird turds you opened as the last mythic in your booster box, I mean Phoenixes you control.”

        • DJ Pad

          Or even:

          Kulorath, Prime Phoenix 4RR

          Haste, Flying, Protection from Blue
          When you cast Kulorath, Prime Phoenix, search you library for up to 3 phoenix creature cards and put them in your graveyard
          When Kulorath, Prime Phoenix enters the battlefield it does 2 damage to each opponent and all non-red creatures.
          When Kulorath, Prime Phoenix dies, return it and target phoenix from your graveyard into play at the beginning of the next end step


  • Hedronal

    Art card here. Beautiful regardless of play value.

  • Oscar

    Yeah… artwork is huge on this one. An owl phoenix! whooo whooo

  • NC

    Does this Standard generally have more exile than what Ashcloud Phoenix had to deal with? I sorta feel like that’s the bigger problem – not that Ashcloud was tearing up the charts but it was a decent-to-good situational curve filler, and this doesn’t die to a thopter token.

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    Lame mechanic.

    Should say leaves the battlefield instead of dies and then remove itself from the game, with the token pulling it from exile. It would be interesting to have the bird itself be pretty much unremovable in that respect, and that would justify the soft elemental.

    • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

      Or if the token reanimated the phoenix during any upkeep…

      it’s juts lame as a mythic

      • AHunter

        I think we can all agree it’s not an amazing mythic,but iv’ seen worse phoenix than this one.
        Haste would have been nice.