Render Silent - Dragon's Maze Spoiler

Render Silent

  • Color: Blue, White
  • Type: Instant
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Counter target spell. Its controller can’t cast spells this turn.

“We have confiscated your spells as evidence. Once we conclude our investigation, you may petition to have them returned.”

  • Gauche

    I think that it is fake. The flavor text is odd. Also, I think it would read “counter target spell. If a a spell is countered this way, its controller can’t cast spells this turn”

    • It doesn’t have to. The difference in the wording changes how the spell works.

      If you cast this spell on Thrunn, your opponent is still silenced. The way it is worded, The silence and the counter are independent of each other

    • Try4se

      It is real

  • Mike Thomas

    What is this?!

    No. Stop. Now.

  • RandomGuy

    Silence and Counter had a baby.

  • David Keppel

    The curve on the lower right hand corner seems to be cut weird…

    • guest

      again, its in a sleeve

      • David Keppel

        Yes, I recognize that, what I’m saying is that the curve INSIDE the sleeve seems to be cut weird. Also, while I believe the ART is real (as it fits into the WU binding mechanic) the banding on the image (particularly the cloudy background) appears as though the art is from a television or computer screen while the card itself (border, text, etc) is not.

  • :(

  • LeonFA

    Very solid card, and a cool choice for a Buy-A-Box promo (Look right next to the ultra pro sticker on the bottom of the card).

    • guest

      thats a card sleeve.

      • LeonFA

        … I said the text that shows that is a Buy-A-Box promo is NEXT TO the sticker on the sleeve. And of course its in a sleeve, it has the generic ultra pro sticker and clearly is within a sleeve in the image. >_>

  • buy a box promo…

  • Niedude

    This HAS to be fake. If that Fall of the Gavell spell costs 5 and only gives you life gain, why the hell would something this OP cost 3?

    • it IS a rare….

    • Tuccimane

      it’s also double blue and white it can only be played effectively in one or two decks

    • Tuccimane

      also if you think about it it’s only really good in control mirrors, aggro + midrange rarely need to cast more than one thing per turn

      • Not taking into account of course combo decks like storm or second breakfast which are completely shut down for one turn. Also, aggro decks very often cast a few one- or two-drops in a single turn ,)

    • well fall of the gavel is five which makes it uncommon, this one is three which is probably why it’s rare, not to mention its probably worth some money

    • Jordan

      this card was officially spoiled….how can it be fake? hell, starcity is selling it and has it on their facebook.

    • Real!! Yay!

  • justindeltora

    Bull that is all

  • hithere69

    cant wait to play this in my edh. and cant wait to play lavinia for my commander.. ive been waiting for her to be spoiled 2 long weeks now :C

  • Tim Haines

    Fine details look legit. eg. Word Order at the bottom, although it doesnt look very foil for a foil buy a box promo.

  • Bubmeister

    Go ahead, TRY to bait my counter!

  • Anonymous

    I say its fake the card itself doesn’t look right to me. Plus the flavor text at the bottom is a quote, yet they didn’t include a source for the quote.

  • randy1992

    its real its a buy a box promo sometimes they add flavor text to a card that may not have it if it wasnt a promo,its real and its not too op,but i still hate control decks and this will just make them better :(

  • Rick the Iron Golem

    So op counter, I don’t believe it. If its true i am scared for whats next!!!

  • nekneth

    counter + silence
    rage quit game

  • Anthony

    I want to run this in my Esper deck im building
    Esper spirits!
    need 1 more geist of saint traft an maybe 1 obzedat probably 2 but im on a budget
    waiting to cash out on my Lilliana’s who are at $45.00 a card

  • lightningrod14

    and THAT, my friends, is how you make every other counterspell in existence (or at least all the three-drops) obsolete in one move.

  • Robert Ohms

    What’s next, counter target spell, end its controllers turn.