• Fred Weasley

    I am excited about this card! We get a mini Expedition Map.

    • DJ Pad

      Expedition map is ONLY played because it can fetch nonbasics. This card is super bad outside of some limited synergy with the set’s mechanics.

      • TheFullMontzy

        While I completely agree with your assessment of expedition ma’s playability, you have to remember that not everyone can or wants to drop a few hundred bucks to pimp out their landbase.

      • Fred Weasley

        I can’t really say this without sounding rude, but thanks for telling me things I already knew. One would assume that since I said “mini Expedition Map” that I knew at least a little bit about Expedition Map. That doesn’t mean I can’t still be excited for a costless basic land fetch to the hand.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    this can let you keep a and light hand pretty effectively. Since the crack has no cost you can still make a turn 2 play pretty cool.

  • Elias Wernigg

    Turn 1 this.
    Turn 2 Greenwheele liberator.

  • Derek Niles

    “basic land”…darnit

  • mehngo

    Nice, getting more and more easy ways of triggering revolt in this set. Cool design. Card is alright though.

  • sansmyhands

    Cool card. Looooove the art.

  • Baxter Stein

    So evolving wilds as an artifact…. this is functionally the same speed as e wilds unless you don’t have the first land

    • Hanna

      It’s an interesting comparison to evolving wilds. I think it’s slightly better, as it’s a lot more flexible.

      Renegade Map:
      – T1; play untapped land, 1 -> renegade map
      – T2; sac renegade map, play basic land

      You have two untapped lands by T2 in the colors you need, one basic and one (potentially) nonbasic.

      Evolving Wilds:
      – T1; play and sac evolving wilds
      – T2; play land

      You have one untapped basic land and one potentially untapped land T2. You’d take this circumstance if you didn’t have the basic land that you wanted T1.


      – T1; play land
      – T2; play and sac evolving wilds

      You have one tapped basic land and one untapped land T2 in the colors you need. You’d play this if you had one basic land of the color you wanted. In this instance, Renegade Map is better.

      • Deadly Berry

        This isn’t better than EW in any way. This is just a mechanism to trigger Revolt.

        • Random Guy

          Evolving Wilds triggers Revolt; lands are permanents. The only difference between the two is that this is an artifact and evolving wilds is a land.

  • Deadly Berry

    One mana pseudo ramp. Will see use, either T2 or EDH for sure.

    • Random Guy

      It’s better to think of these cards as Evolving Wilds; lands that have a cost but can be any land. It’s not ramp anymore than just having a land card in the first place is ramp. In case you didn’t notice, it only puts the card into your hand, not the battlefield.

      • Deadly Berry

        And that’s why I said “pseudo”.