• guest

    mini sun titan

  • Tolle

    I feel like this could end up being part of some really bad combo I just can’t think of the other card(s)

    • sansmyhands

      This guy has a great interaction with Eldrazi Displacer.

      • Tolle

        Yes but so does every creature with an ETB. I am thinking more like Saffi Eriksdotter, Reveillark, and Karmic Guide

  • Kushala

    Can I just point out that this can get back (waste)lands

    • Seraph

      Oh god no

  • tct93

    This and Selfless Spirit works nice with each other.

  • Lukas Rösch

    Noooooo… why can’t this be blue white instead of green white :'(

    (UW-Emeria player)

    • Tolle

      Because blue can’t do this effect

      • guy

        Blue is good at bouncing things (triggering revolt). White can return stuff from the graveyard.

        How is it being blue/white not a marriage of two different colors and their attribute into one card?

        • Tolle

          Because blue being able to bounce things has nothing to do with this. The fact it can trigger revolt doesn’t impact this, what matters is what the revolt ability does. And blue doesn’t recur permanents. It will do instances and sorceries and that is about it. Green on the other hand has a decent amount of recursion, and green white together do really well for that.

    • guy

      I echo your feelings. If this was blue/white, it would be a fun, unique playable pauper edh general, as white/green, theirs no enough support.

      Not that you were thinking of pauper.

  • Rio Chuck

    dang talk about value

  • MTG fan

    When this card revolts to bring back a Greenwheel Liberator, you realize how happy you are to have both of them. I don’t have them, but someone I know, I swear, will probably get these two together…

  • Avery Standley

    Another warrior for my tribal cube

  • ChaosEngineer

    Is anyone else seeing modern playable with cracking fetchlands to trigger revolt which gets back the fetchland? Ramp out your shock and tango lands while thinning your deck.

    • Alex Egertsen

      Turn 1 Bop, Fetch drop this guy turn two fetch drop another birds, time of need go get saffi for altar of the brood shinanigans

  • Nebulium

    I LOVE how much good stuff is coming out for flicker decks. Astral slide was my first not terrible deck so this is all bringing back memories.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i think he might have an interesting interaction with knight of the reliquary.

  • Dave

    Double your Evolving Wilds today! Order Tireless Tracker for maximum impact.

  • Zombie

    Probably gonna be used to create an infinite combo. I’ve been drinking too much to think of it right now, but someone will and then I’ll get to say I called it.

  • Shagoth

    What will usually happen with this card if it’s in modern, you crack a fetch land, and then you get it back.
    This set’s power never ends!

  • Samuel Parker

    For all those wondering what this combos with, the most obvious one I can think of is Saffi Eriksdotter, this and a repeatable sac outlet for infinite etb/ltb triggers. (Plus bonus points that they’re both in g/w!

  • Jay

    Awww hell… That old saffi combo deck just got better, and it’s in color. Lost to that silly deck so many times. Though I do like the idea of Carrion Feeder t1. Saffi t2. t2 sac saffi to feeder then play this(begin stack/sac manipulation)~swing with a 1-billion/1-billion feeder? Or use Viscera Seer t1 in modern to scry for the last combo piece to win t4 in a more consistent manner.

  • JP

    Angelic Renewal over/+ Saffi? I guess no one plays casual decks anymore. It’s in budget too… Total combo enabler for sure! I’m sure this goes way beyond simply combo since there are so many good low cmc sac effects that exist all through MTG! I need more time to analyze~~~~~~~ I’m getting more than 1x playset, that’s for sure.

  • Mikołaj Trawiński

    So. Much. Fetchlands.

  • Deadly Berry

    This is insanely good.

  • kmk888

    I actually love this card, in particular for its flexibility. Just like Sun Titan, the nonland stipulation means that you can use it to ramp with Evolving Wilds or fetches and it can hit enchantments or artifacts such as implements. Obviously it’s also good to rebuild a board state with cards like Greenwheel Liberator and has some eternal considerations with Saffi

  • coders

    Qasali Pridemage is a excellent graveyard target.