Renowned Weaver - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Renowned Weaver

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Creature - Human, Shaman
  • Rarity: Common
  • Set:

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1 ManaGreen Mana, Sacrifice Renowned Weaver: Put a 1/3 green Spider enchantment creature token with reach onto the battlefield.

“You think your weaving as beautiful as mine? Let me show you the true meaning of the craft.”

  • Zombie

    Well this is just disappointing.

    • Whiskerbro

      Meh. Its alright.

    • matt

      its a common

      • Zombie

        Being a common isn’t an excuse to be completely uninteresting…

        • Chiroptera

          From a flavor or a functional standpoint? Cauz’ i think it is playable

          • Zombie

            It’s nowhere even close to playable.

            It’s straight up worse than Centaur’s Herald and that hasn’t seen one second of Standard play.

          • Chiroptera

            considering they are obviously pushing GB enchantment dredge/reanimator because enchantment+grave fill , it’s not bad at all. I don’t see how it’s strictly worst than Centaur’s Herald, the ability is cheaper, it can attack before dying if you so desire? Constellation?? Not saying it’s a standard all star but it’s nowhere near useless. Not exciting but it’s alright

          • Zombie

            My job is to put my foot down when it comes to people thinking unplayable garbage is Standard viable.

            I am the one who knocks… sense into you.

            Don’t ever play this in Standard. Limited Constellation? Maybe as your 23rd card.

            But any Constructed format at all? No. Noooooo. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

            Don’t touch it.

          • Whiskerbro

            Its playable in limited.
            Not that good but its playable.

          • Chiroptera

            Never talked about constructed specifically : )

    • LeonFA

      It completely is. Given we got “Midas” as a Legendary, I was kinda hoping that “Arachne” was going to get the same treatment. Instead we just get a bad common. Also “Midas” kinda stunk too. Chained to the Rocks was the only good “Super flavor” card that we have. Eye Gouge killing Mutavaults isn’t enough, as cute as that is.

      • Whiskerbro

        “Midas” is good as long as you have a way to tap him.

        • Zombie

          Inspired has proven time and time again to be a terrible mechanic.

          But hey, at least it’s not nearly as bad as Tribute.

          Midas’ card itself is pretty much awful. But I’ll be the first to jump up and say his art and flavor are incredible.

          • Whiskerbro

            Tribute was terrible. I agree.
            But Inspired isn’t a terrible mechanic. Don’t use it with stuff like Springleaf Drum, use Aqueous Form or Auras that give evasion. I’m not saying that King Macar is that great, but he’s alright. Good in limited.

          • Zombie

            As soon as I saw Tribute I knew it would never be a thing. Giving your opponent choices for your own cards is retarded.

          • Whiskerbro

            Well, Vexing Devil is good. Tribute is an interesting mechanic, but WOTC just made all of the tribute cards too weak. I can’t think of a single good card with tribute.

  • kansas

    well at least it can be instance speed

  • Noinim

    Great flavor

    • Zombie

      You say that, but meanwhile King Midas gets a Rare with amazing art while Arachne gets a trashy unplayable common with sub- par art, less-than-optimal flavor, and a worthless ability.

      Hardly seems fair.

      • noinim

        Doubt they could afford to stick every lore into the block and give it a card that not only gave it the attention it deserves but was also playable. A legendary arachne creature that turned creatures who damaged it into deadly recluses would be great no doubt, but r&d can only do so much. This card still tells the tale enough for those familiar enough with mythology to appreciate it. Not a bad card in draft either.