• llamalord44

    Wow, the complete story spotlight set already.

  • Evil Tactics

    This with Mycosynth Lattice is just pure evil.

    • Zombie

      And that’s exactly why I’m running it in my Breya deck.

  • Mike Thomas

    Anyone else find it poetically beautiful that black, blue and red (the main artifact colors in Kaladesh) can’t deal with enchantments like this?

  • Snievan

    Help help! I’m being repressed!

    • Pandancules

      Im so upset that wasn’t the real name.

    • Derek Gooding (TuberTugger)

      Am I missing the joke? Or did you mean “oppressed”?

  • Nanya

    Mycosynth Lattice just got more appealing!

    • Zombie

      Was that even possible?

      I mean you could already Ajani-Vengeant-Ult your opponents with Lattice + Sydri/Karn. Doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Chromasticore

    talk about a great birthday present

  • Vizzerdrix

    If this was a3-4 drop it would be amazing in modem/ maybe legacy, still a really nice card though, very well designed

  • Shagoth

    Instant sideboard for any white deck running against artifacts!
    If it was cheaper…
    And if Kataki didn’t exist…
    And if Stony Silence didn’t exist…

  • Tolle

    Oh wow… this will be powerful in EDH. Considering how many artifacts everyone runs, at the very least it gets rid of your opponent’s soul rings and other mana rocks.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    strong in edh / kind of…. doesnt do anything AFTERwards…
    TRASH in sealed/limited(i know i will pull one of these per event) trash in constructed

  • Robert FakeLastName

    if only affinity did not have you dead by t4 :P

  • Happy The Cat

    honestly, not that great of a card. sure in edh you have that Lattice combo, but Lattice already has TONS of combos that honestly are just way better than this(namely Hellkite Tyrant). for five mana that isn’t that strong of an effect considering we already have cards that already can deal with every artifact and enchantment just as hard. yes it can be a game winning combo but edh already has tons of those including ones that use Lattice better. it’s an okay card but after rotation if this gets a price higher than a bin rare I’ll be surprised.

    • Zombie

      Lattice already has tons of combos, and this is a new one in EDH that literally just wins you the game. Any opponent that doesn’t scoop to this + Lattice is either insane or a masochist.

      • Happy The Cat

        but Lattice already has auto scoop combos, and cards like H tyrant are just auto win combos. rule number one when you see a Lattice it to go out of your way to kill it or your opponent it going to pull of some BS combo that would never get printed today because wizards are afraid of hurting the eternals. If this ever hits the board on a Lattice it’s because your opponent wasn’t smart enough to deal with it or wasn’t fast enough do destroy a six mana artifact that has no natural protection.

        • Zombie

          So why not have another one? Redundancy is king in EDH and if you have multiple ways to abuse Lattice it makes it that much more consistent

        • Gerald Homme

          I agree with Zombie here. Having another combo just adds to the consistency of using lattice to really punish opponents. Not only that, but there are so many artifact strategies in EDH, especially after the 2016 release, where this is too good to not have. Hitting all of your non-green players ramp. Destroying the boards of 90% of mono red decks. It in most cases is going to Oblivion ring at least 3 things in a multiplayer game.

          • Shagoth

            Glad my boy Zada is in that ten percent.

  • Insight66

    What’s up with the multiverse symbol behind the text

    • It’s a story spotlight card, see Confiscation Coup, Inventor’s Fair, and the others from Kaladesh.

  • Stinker289

    Well, that’s a thing.

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • Taylor Foley

    Rip edh players…Lattice and this = auto win lol

    • bdf

      we already had vandalblast + mycosynth

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah but that blew up your stuff as well. people like this combo because it only hurts other people. even though you could just play DS forge and wraths for the same effect

        • Potatoman

          Vandalblast only hits artifacts you dont control