• LetsGetReal

    Look at that hellrider is back

    • Jacob Kodicovic


      • Kaiser


        • Brendon Everett


          • Shagoth


          • Hedronal


  • Jacob Kodicovic

    The Red/White Exert deck looks sweet!

  • Chaospyke

    I already have a r/w exert deck in the works, but it need a small boost, and this is that boost.

  • jaya

    Looks like a very powerfull card to me in the right deck and has the colors for it.

  • Mov

    Since when did red plus white equal black? Strange to see life drain effect outside of black, but makes logical sense

    • Perseus Johnson

      Ever since lightning helix.

      • Izhuark

        Except Lightning helix was a blast, this is just straight life drain, not really in flavor for boros imo.

  • Kahai

    Because WR needed more reasons to be played…

  • Happy The Cat

    so, question, how many “good” exert creatures are there for wrb? cause… this deals the damage, meaning if say it was enchanted with Phyresis or got hold of a Grafted Exoskeleton you could possibly do a bunch of damage at once. or even use an untap loop for an otk.

    • Izhuark

      For now there are no good exert on activated abilities in WR (and no exert at all in black since it’s a naya mechanic), the angel of condamnation can be good but still have the mana cost, only on triggered ability when the creature attack sot it make it difficult to be a win con (it would be much easier with new green exert creatures) but good aggro exert creature in WR are combat celebrant (2 battle phase mean twice as many exert), glory bound initiate to counter other aggro decks, and glorybringer because glorybringer. (if playing weenie devoted crop mate can be cool too.) Overall i don’t think it’s a really good card infect or not, so i think it would be an even worse win con. (And it’ coming from a WR player, the last WR was 10 time better.)

  • Shitskin

    We dindu nuffin