Avacyn Restored Spoiler - Restoration Angel

Restoration Angel

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When Restoration Angel enters the battlefield, you may exile target non-Angel creature you control, then return that creature to the battlefield under your control.

  • Jcmresidentevil6

    pretty good even without flash

  • Flosscar

    Pretty solid indeed. Possible in a Pod deck, but I think the best fit may be in GWR or Junk Ramp. Being able to save a titan from removal while re-activating its ability is nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention it comes with a 3/4 flying body.

  • youngwolf

    should mix well with red or green undying deck to remove +1/+1 counter

  • Arc, The Trailer

    Sexy card really. Does a shit ton of work if you cast it at the right time. Gonna see some pretty decent playing time in some decks. Maybe U/W Delver? Maybe not. But i am sure wanting this card for Draft, that is for sure. Gonna go great with undying, enchanted creatures, creatures dying during combat, yadda yadda, flash flier, 3/4. Just flat out sexy if you get it out properly.

  • Ricoam24

    this and cloudshift with Geralf’s messenger….BW burn

  • Crazy_O

    1. Steal a dude
    2. Drop Rangel
    3. ???
    4. Profit (That card is now yours until the game ends, or it gets killed)

  • Sajomir

    Great potential, and surprisingly only one W mana in its cost, so it should be fairly splashable.
    I’m surprised none of the comments have mentioned its GORGEOUS art!