Rhox Faithmender - MTG M13 Spoiler

Rhox Faithmender

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Cleric, Rhino
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

  • Ethral

    It’s a Boon Reflection but, a creature perfect for life gaining decks. Chalice decks just got a what they needed in the standard environment.

  • RebirthCity

     dear god like cleric decks needed any more help X(

  • Lightningrod14

    i smell shenanigans!

  • Darthmidget

    since i dont limit my cards by series this is going to make my lifegain deck overpowered. already got the landfall instant that gives me 8 life for just 2 mana. now its 16. omg wtf!