• Shawn Michael Diaz

    Not bad. Wonder if it will see play.

    • Kameenook

      I mean it standard it certainly seems possible in mono red, although I think we do have a lot of creatures vying for those spots right now. This could definitely be good there though.

      • Nikolai Anzuoni

        Village messenger and falkenwrath gorger did just rotate.

        • xanatos135

          I really prefer this one. Okay, it doesn’t have haste, but still a 2/2 with first strike for 1 mana? What else can you ask for haha

          • Hedronal

            Hexproof, indestructible, banding, and more. Mountainhome.

  • Dogmatic Hermit

    So it’s a goblin. Which is an archtype that exists to attack, with cards like goblin guide, warren instigator, and the bushwhackers.seems to me like this already has a place in modern.

    • DJ Pad

      Not really. Modern goblin decks with bushwackers etc. want spells that either to go wide, have haste, or pump the team. This does none of those.

      • Sakae Nakahara

        or directly burns the opponent, but yes your point still stands

  • Tolle

    Huh… my question is for limited. A 1/1 for 1 is pretty bad usually, but with first strike it is slightly better. But the fact that late game this becomes a 2/2 for 1 with first strike, handles most things in limited. Although I haven’t gone through this set yet

    • Giby86 .

      Becomes better in multiples, if you have a very low curve and you want to go for the super duper aggro strat. If it’s going to be good or not will depend on the speed of the format, but between raid, enrage and menace this looks like a pretty fast limited.

  • MrAptronym

    Why is this not a rigger? :<

    • Happy The Cat

      oh, you said RIGGER, had me for a sec.
      and it’s cause he’s runs the rigging, making sure everything’s where it should be, not the person who made the rigs.

    • ymmij X

      wrong set

  • Shagoth

    Ramunap? Maybe not. Definitely funny because people were hoping for some one drop pirates and the one we get is terrible t1.

  • Bostorket

    “Yar har! Yar har! A Goblin’s life for me!” *explodes*

  • kmk888

    You guys are crazy if you think this won’t see play. This card is a great 1 drop. You could arguably play a 1/1 first strike for 1 in Ramunap red after rotation due to cards like Shock and Lightning Strike, but the absolute best draws out of monored are always a 1 drop on T1, two 1 drops on T2. This adds an enormous amount of power if one or both of the T2 1 drops are 2/2s with first strike. I expect this to be a 4 of in every Ramunap red decklist after the Pro Tour.

    • galen150

      except people arnt really playing mono-red anymore.

  • galen150

    i guess we finally get a solid mono-red pirate. took a while though